Good friends

August 11, 2016|8:27 am

and grandchildren and family. I have many things to be grateful for in this life. Yes I have a lot going on and yes some of those are concerning. However; what I choose to focus on can Glorify my Lord or can tell people I really just give lip service to the idea that He is in control. Lord let me choose today to glorify You.

Slogging through..

September 11, 2015|5:08 pm

At this point in my homeschool year I am ALWAYS reading other blogs, books and articles on organization. Organization of my life. Organization of my day. Organization of our school. Organization of my organization tools.

Well guess what? I cannot find anything ANYWHERE that is equal to my life! I’ve tried and tried.

It just doesn’t appear to exist.

Maybe because every other mother of twelve is smarter than I am? They have recognized that it is impossible? NO, as much as I would like to believe that I’m pretty sure that is not the case. More likely, they just don’t have time to write about the systems they have created!

I am going to stay with what I know works for me. Doing the next thing and the next. Prioritizing each next thing. Being free to set free the vegies I should have been doing today {when in reality The Not Back to School campout we went on was far more memory making} so they can bless someone else!

Here is to all you other Mamas who just keep on keeping on!

A whole year..

September 6, 2015|8:50 pm

It’s been an entire year since I posted on this blog. ONE. FULL. YEAR.
It’s time to take back my blogging life or let it go for the foreseeable future. Something inside me rebels at just giving up. So I think I’ll try for the taking control option.

Today we worked on a myriad of projects in our little corner of the world. The 12 beautiful quart jars of homemade tomato soup residing on my counter are very smile inducing!
They are promising us some cool relief from the tremendous humidity and heat we have had this past week plus. Calling for high seventies and low humidity for tomorrow is making those of us MN State Fair bound look forward to the day.

New shawl done.

January 16, 2014|11:12 am


A thought and quick facts

|9:31 am

Many people have recommended some great Christian books and bible studies on Forgiveness to me lately as I work my way through many issues. I keep planning on buying or borrowing one, getting busy with some study or other,but over the last day or so have begun to listen a little closer when I send up those please Lord prayers. Instead of a study of a book I needed to go to The Book. I decided to follow that prompting as I know it’s been there in the background for awhile. Not just since yesterday when I finally stopped and listened.

Using Bible study Tools from Crosswalk I decided to go look up Forgiveness and decided I wanted to know more about Peace. I sure am glad God knows the working of our minds! I looked up both. The NIV has 15 references to forgiveness. They revolve around His forgiveness of our sins. Not our forgiveness of others. HMMM food for thought.

Peace brought on an overwhelming number (231) of responses in the NIV. I think it is time to work my way around them.

Have a blessed day.

Let my eyes see what yours does and my thoughts hear…

January 15, 2014|7:20 am

Psalms 139:23 (KJV), “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts.”

Isn’t it comforting to know that He does know us? Even when we do not know ourselves? He can understand why this comment made us feel loved or that one makes us feel like our lives purpose was wasted?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we looked at everyone with His eyes and His heart? If instead of judging we can think; God knows this person! That is all that is needed. God KNOWS.

Wow I have been blogging

August 7, 2013|11:37 am

for almost 4 years now. Sometimes a few times a year and sometimes a few times a week. I’ve gone back and forth on the usefulness of having a blog. Should I take the time to blog? Does anyone ever read it? Do I want anyone to read it?
I love reading blogs. I can get caught up and cruise from one to another following rabbit trails about homeschooling, gardening, frugal healthy living. Any manner of things. Whenever I write a post I tend to spend more time thinking about how it comes across than I like. I would love to just be fearless and speak my mind; however my thoughts don’t always come across in a kind and gentle manner as many of you know. Then I feel like I need to explain myself. Sometimes people genuinely choose to take things the wrong way. I am never sure if I should let that stop me from writing or not. It has kept me silent for weeks on end sometimes. I guess this is a question to decide at another point as I have written this post and I plan on publishing it :>) In the mean time it’s almost time to pick up my children from VBS. So I am off! If you have an opinion one way or another on blogging, bloggers aand / or blogs and there usefulness add a commen.t OK?

Nothing is quite as satisfying in the

June 27, 2013|4:17 pm

early months of Summer as rows of tomato plants freshly weeded. Standing in the sunshine with blossoms just peaking out they are the epitome of  beautiful garden. Never mind that the beans to the right can’t quite be seen in their patch of weeds and that rhubarb to the left has started to turn to seed. I can narrow my vision and be happy with gorgeously growing, just weeded tomato plants!

Spring is almost here!

March 24, 2013|4:25 pm

Right? Please? It has to be close. We even bought baby chicks so there are signs of spring even though it doesn’t feel like spring.

We went and looked at the most adorable Alpacas today! They are fiber / pets. Not in the correct gene pool for reproducing and having a family of their own . Still three of the most gorgeous sources of fiber we have played with in a long while.

We would have to make a few changes in the way or pasture is set up in order to bring them here. We would have to change the indoor set up of the animals who share the back pasture. We would also have to move Dinner the bull to a new space until he reaches his final destination of the freezer. It could all be done. Hmm .

Only in my house

March 17, 2013|9:05 pm

Do you stand up to walk to the computer and trip over a dog. Move the cat or two even off the chair and (here is the part that makes it my house) Hear a child say “Jay your chickens are out!”
new chickens came to stay yesterday and with the blizzard forecasted for tomorrow they had to stay inside right?