September 1, 2012|4:20 pm

Today is September first. It is the taking off mark of the most wonderful season of all. I love fall. I love the days getting cooler and the trees turning. I love being overwhelmed by too much produce. I love back to homeschool. I love back to co-op. I love prepping for the most wonderful Holy-day of the year. I love it all.

Today I went with my bother and sister in laws family to a park and took their family photos:

state fair and the marvel family 124

then came home and made an instant photo memory album and printed it. I was supposed to be spending the afternoon on school prep. Oh well! Had too much fun making the book.

Now as the printer runs I am going to supervise while reading a fun Nora Roberts book. I’ve read this one a few times but beautiful days sometimes require a fun friend of a book.




June 29, 2012|9:07 pm

That’s me.. from this blog.. but what can I say…. life happens!

Actually really fun, busy life.

My dad is here and he stopped in Killeen TX as picked up my grandson. So the guys are all hanging our playing video games and watching movies.. with an occasional break to help put up hay or pick blackberries. I am visiting with my dad in between canning blackberries and making jam. I also managed to make four yummy loaves of banana bread and make grilled herbed chicken. Double YUM!

Next week more children and grandchildren will arrive. MORE FUN.

Then there will be a fast trip to Colorado for my nieces wedding

There are a lot of blog posts I have thought about doing… and maybe I’ll get to them soon. But in the mean time here are some fun (there is that word again) pictures.


phone 119

phone 118

phone 120

I’m off!

June 6, 2012|6:59 am

Leaving the house in the capable hands of the older children, I am off to Iowa. I am going to have several nights with my hubby and some fun packed days while he works. I am attending the Iowa homeschool convention on  Friday and Saturday and Pat will have all day Sunday available to spend with me.

My goals for Thursday include  10 hours of solitude, prayer and reflection, reading and planning for the co-op and my own homeschool.

I am really looking forward to the weekend despite missing a graduation party for my nephew that will be held here at home on Saturday.

I am amazed at the difference in my life that just 10 short years makes. I rarely went any where without children and the only over nights away involved scout camping with some of the children. Now I can pick up and go and know that all is well here  with everyone and everything pertaining to large family and hobby farm taken care of! What a blessing!

Unless I can figure out how to post from my smart phone I will not be back on the blog until after Monday as this mama doesn’t have a working laptop any more. I am trying to decide if it is something I can live without?!?

Not sure I can with the co-op needs.

Happy Sunday

March 11, 2012|1:29 pm

Gorgeous springtime weather!

Blankets and sheets billowing on the line. Children working on outside projects.

Very pregnant sheep in the field and garden catalogs all waiting to be read sitting on the table.

Spring.. God’s gift of a new season.


January 9, 2012|10:29 pm

well I was sitting here planning a blog post. Sort of prewriting in my mind before actually composing ya’ know? I think it was going to be a good one.. I was looking forward to writing it. Then Aimée sat down with her laptop next to me. To show me an email from a friend. A bunch of them are getting together to go to the Jobs dance. A formal open to all 10-12th graders in the area. She wants to go! And wear a dress! So tomorrow we are off to look at patterns and fabric. A dress? My MeMe?

This is going to be so much fun!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember whatever it was I was going to post!

Short view from my desk

January 8, 2012|10:37 pm

I am planning… our first day back with KONOS as our main curriculum. Illness all week leaves me planning at 10 pm on Sunday.

I am thankful for.. a day with Isaac and Jeff. We took Isaac to play in the state finals for bowling. He did pretty well but we won’t know his standing until it is posted Tuesday night!


Outside my window.. darknesssss! Must be bed time?

I am praying for the ladies in our homeschool co-op and homeschool mommies everywhere!

A picture to share about our week….

December stuff and curling 2011 065


January 4, 2012|2:27 pm

We are planning on using KONOS this spring. That said,  I need a timeline. KONOS is the most effective hands-on homeschool curriculum I have ever used. One of the things that make it the best is the timeline that gives children the big picture of Historical and Science events. I really do not have a great space in my home for a time line so hubby and I have been kicking around many ideas. From a book of centuries to a line drawn on the hall wall to a science board with taped on lines. Pat suggested one that might really work. I am going to try and will report back.

His suggestion: to use the mirrored doors to our closet. They are about 5 x 7 so I will draw lines with the lycra glass crayons. BC on the left going up  to Jesus at the top and on the right hand side Jesus down to present day.

When I originally started the co-op my dream was to turn it into a unit study co-op for the younger children at least. We did a great US unit study but most people attending co-op didn’t buy the curriculum and they felt lost trying to follow my classes.  I think it is difficult to stay on task when there is no follow up accountability built in. My prayer is that using the Volume 3 KONOS group as my sounding board and accountability partners will replace the co-op group in meeting my needs as a homeschool mom.

New year New page New Word

January 1, 2012|3:37 pm

Today is January 1st. I haven’t visited this blog in several weeks. Months.

There are many reasons for that.. most to deep to get into here on what would be a semi public forum. Or at least it would be if anyone actually read this blog. LOL!

I thought I’d start out the new year with a challenge to myself to use this space as a list making, journaling, to-do and to-da! list. If I can post at least once a week and print at the end of the year I will have a very nice memento for 2012.

So to start: New Years Resolutions.. something I have never had much time for. Seems to me that they really are a waste of time and energy as most are not kept beyond the 30th of January. This year I am going to make an exception and make a few.

1)To enjoy my husband more. Don’t get me wrong. I adore my husband and the 31 plus years I have been married to him. But a friend in my homeschool community lost her husband two days before Christmas and it has made me really stop and look at my husband and how blessed I am to have him. He is a man who loves God, me and our children. And he shows it in everything he does. What more could a woman possibly ask for?

2) To enjoy my children more.

3) To come up with a word or words that I hope will be my inspiration for this year.

I’ll elaborate on 2 and 3 the next time I visit my little blog diary. In the mean time Happy New Year!

Birthday Party

September 5, 2011|4:21 pm

We had a fun day today with a birthday party for my 4 year old niece Destiny. Fairy themed:


Even our Lilly got in on the act. This photo was taken by a 5 year old. He’s destined to be a good photographer don’t you think?

Been blessed

September 3, 2011|12:20 pm

with some apples. The children and I went out and picked them from a gentleman’s tree after we answered a craigslist ad.  I do  not care for raw apples but the children ate about three each while picking and declared them tasty and juicy. I have the few falls and ones that dropped as they were picking in a separate bag so will make some applesauce later today.