Ever wonder

January 10, 2013|8:58 am


Why a verse you have known and read for years suddenly comes across in bright colorful style every time you read it?

I have encountered this verse several times lately and it practically LEAPS off the page or screen each time I see it.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together  for good,  for  those who are called according to his purpose.(Romans 8:28)

I am so excited..

January 1, 2013|1:59 pm

To have my crafting, scrapping, stamping, felting, school project, game and puzzle area done. Pat added the last coat of paint to the top of the table at about midnight for me.

They say pictures are worth more than words so here goes:

2012 craft table 098

From the doorway looking left. I added photo boxes to the stash I had previously. I love them

because you can label them. Pictures’, Stamps, Punches.. whatever you want them to hold.


2012 craft table 097

IKEA shelves are awesome. We got this one half price a few years ago as it had a ding in the front.

We turned it around since the only way we new that was the front was because they told us so!

The white rolling cart is from Michaels and pulls easily up to the table.

2012 craft table 099

When mom died, dad gave me her three glass cabinets . She used them for scrapping stuff.

I now have two in the dining room with my china on display and the third is here holding paper and tools.

Table is primed here.


2012 craft table 102

Plastic drawers and holders hide nicely under the table since it is on rollers.


2012 craft table 103

My wonderful hubby painting my table at 11 pm on New Year’s eve.

2012 craft table 109

TA DA! I love my new space!

Pictures are a bit blurry as one of my little men (grandson) played with the settings on my camera yesterday!


December 31, 2012|12:17 pm

Today is December 31st and the inevitable discussion of New Year’s resolutions is everywhere.

I have decided that since the average resolution lasts somewhere between 4 days and 2 weeks (depending on where you check on the ‘net)

that I am not going to make a resolution that takes longer than 3 days to fulfill. I have been experimenting with this for a week or so and it is working so far.

First one was to empty craft room and move Isaac into it. DONE! complete with a nice new paint job.


Second one was to set up a craft space and this is day three.. check back in later as to success or non success of this one!

Thought for the Day

October 5, 2012|8:46 am


This is a link to a great blog I read this morning. The author makes a wonderful point about an area we all wish we could be better at: Evangelism.

I know the thought sometimes makes me cringe as it is an area I know I am not an example to be imitated when it comes to sharing my faith.

Stepping out as a radical homeschooling mama of twelve who espouses her beliefs in how to raise children in today’s society is a huge effort to me. As my core soapbox speech includes thoughts that don’t jibe with what most conservative homeschoolers believe I often find my sharing shot down or utterly dismissed as “non-biblical”. Yet God has put me in positions to share these things time and time again.. even when I have begged Him not to! So share I do.

BUT share my faith? EVANGELISE???? That’s hard! Yet isn’t that exactly the great commission? Do we even need the lord to remind us to do this? well YES, but should we need the Lord to remind us? Uh, NO? We just should GO and DO!

Hard stuff.. thoughts to ponder…prayers to say and answers to seek. What are your thoughts? What do you do to reach out and have someone feel as if their life has been touched by someone who knows Jesus?

Article by David Mathis?

The Simple things in life..

March 30, 2012|8:56 am


Really, I love the farm and the animals and I am even looking forward to managing the garden this year. That’s a task I’ve delegated in the interest of maintaining my sanity for the last several years.

We are doing lots of reading and working towards a more sustainable way of life. Our desire is to have meat in the freezer and vegies and fruit on the shelves. To know where that food originated. We have been making yogurt by the gallon and buying less and less processed foods and more and more “doing it ourselves”. We put a couple of pigs in the freezer this year. We are raising a cute jersey bull calf, who is very appropriately, named Dinner . All the “SIMPLE” things in life that are supposed to enrich us and make for a better lifestyle for our family. HAH!

I have to say that whomever coined the term simple lifestyle ought to be hung out in the barn for awhile!

Let him or her watch as a shepherdess struggles to deal with the decision to continue to try and save a mama ewe and her lambs which we were pretty sure were gone. Watch as brother and sisters young enough that they aren’t even able to drive lend a hand in trying to pull a dead lamb from a mama ewe struggling to give birth after a tendon rupture that leaves her unable to force babies out. Watch as younger children come outside at hours past there bedtime to see if Maggie has birthed her lambs so they can check them out. Watch as the 20 year old who is not an animal lover, but, is a kind hearted young man who wants to be of service to his sister leaves to babysit an older brother’s children so he can come and  give a hand OR put down mama if that is the decision that is made. Hear that brother tell his sister , who never walks away from an animal she is raising, to leave because it may not be pretty even if he gets the lamb out as we know for sure it is dead by this  point. Watch as the fatal decision is made and executed.


And through all this.. I do watch my children. Try to comfort. Run phone conversations with a local vet who offers to make the 45 minute drive to put down the ewe. Take and make phone calls to the daddy man who is working a far away construction job and is sad he can’t be there for us.

And then I watch some more as I see siblings care for the shepherdess after the decision is made and carried out. How she is comforted with words and hugs from siblings. I think of a conversation with another mama. who blithely says “Oh you know boys that age can’t touch there moms in public” of her own son. And I am grateful that mine can not only hug me and their dad but willingly walk up and throw arms around a shepherdess who is grieving.

I watch and think SIMPLE LIFE??? HAH! BUT as the song goes I Saw God Today. And I did. I saw Him in the life and death of a well loved ewe and in the way my family reacts to each other. I saw Him not answer our prayers and supplications in the way we wanted BUT in the way He found best. I have gotten away from counting my blessings on the grattituesday posts but last night was a much needed reminder to go back to that and to count them everyday I have life left.

Simple life.. no not at all. But LIFE! yes it is and what a life he has blessed me with.


March 21, 2012|8:10 am

A decision has been made.

No trip to Cincinnati for us. While I was very excited about going to the big homeschool convention and taking the children to the Creation Museum other things take precedence over the trip this year. With my hubby just returning to work for the construction season it sounds like we will be travelling quite a bit to see him at his job sites. It appears most of the work for this year is a L-O-N-G way from home.

So what will we do instead? Well I am already registered for our state convention and will be attending that. Instead of the creation museum entrance fee we plan on buying a zoo membership. We haven’t had one for a couple of years so the children are looking forward to that.

I need to get busy and order a few things from homeschool publishers who will not be at our local convention so I can compare their products to ones I am interested in that will be at the convention. Anyone ever use any of Queens Homeschool Supplies? I am very interested in their nature Science programs.

Didn’t get many responses so I’ll ask again: Are you going to any homeschool conventions this year?

Winter Formal

January 22, 2012|1:22 pm

Last night two of my children, Aimée and Jeffrey attended a winter formal dance in Mankato. It is held at the Verizon wireless center. I can remember when it was held at the  Kato Ballroom back in my day. It is an event that goes across the spectrum of schools. Public, private, Christian, homeschools, unschoolers all are welcome to attend as long as they fit the 10-12 grade category. They attended with a group of mostly homeschooled  -with- a –couple- of- public- schoolers thrown in for diversity bunch of friends.

I believe that Alex the beautiful instigated this group going to this particular event. Even if it was her the rest of the group jumped onto the idea quickly.

job's dance 015


While making plans for this event some of us mamas discovered that the day can get a bit spendy. Especially if you have more than one child at this age range. Fortunately for me Jeff fit into his dad’s suit and we actually found size 14 extra wide boats dress shoes in town. We are also blessed to have a Dané in our lives who runs her own business sewing . We actually went to the mall first to try and find a style of dress that Aim would be comfortable with but they all seemed to be missing large parts of the dress. if they had a top there was no bottom and if they had the long skirt there was no top. Aimée really wanted a dress that had a flowy skirt and sleeves. So off to the fabric store we went. Several hours of work later Aimée and Jeffrey looked like this:

job's dance 008

We all met at the home of Alex’s grandparents for a pre dance dinner served by the mamas.

job's dance 034

job's dance 033

job's dance 035

job's dance 037

job's dance 036

Note the gorgeous and formal dinner napkins otherwise known as bibs, that they are wearing. I had mental pictures of scrubbing applesauce or meat grease off of suits or a dress bodice before the dance and this was my solution. Some of the young ladies and gentlemen thought it was a great idea and the rest humored me!

While waiting for dinner there was a rousing sedate game of pinball. I don’t think they quite new what to do with all the fancy clothing they were wearing and the result was a very quiet group for the first part of the evening.

job's dance 013

job's dance 018

job's dance 020

job's dance 022

job's dance 021

job's dance 019

Kim and Chris took great care to make a beautiful wrist corsage or boutinniere for each member of the group.

job's dance 023



job's dance 024

We had fun setting the table nicely:

job's dance 011

An of course we had to take some fun group  and individual photos;

job's dance 041

job's dance 048

This was one of my favorite shots of the evening!

job's dance 043

But this runs a close second!

job's dance 029

I love brother and sister photos. here is one of our Aimée and Jeffrey

and below is Lucas and Brooklyn:

job's dance fixed

job's dance 056


job's dance 053


January 18, 2012|2:30 pm

Announcement! Announcement!

We are officially a house of readers. As of this morning every single one of my children have been able to read at least sounded out short stories! I am so excited!

It is every mama’s delight when all of her children are reading. It is every homeschool mama’s secret fear that some of them may never read! I know it is a bit of hyperbole to think that, but really it is a deep down fear in most if not all homeschool mama’s hearts LOL!

More work is required to make sure everyone is fluently reading but that is just day in, day out, having fun with words and books.

Look out world! They can read!

This and that January 7th

January 7, 2012|2:15 pm

Ok the to do list I published on Thursday was a total non starter. When mama gets sick she should be grateful that the house is picked up and that tummies get fed! And believe me as hard as this cold / flu hit me this week not once but in two separate increments I am one grateful mama for children who take charge and get things done. Hubby was an absolute blessing and made sure my water cup stayed full and I had kleenex in every spot of the house.

So today I will start on the lesson planning for Monday’s lessons. I am not going to over do and have a relapse. I cannot be sick tomorrow. Isaac actually qualified for the State tournament for bowling after only starting this fall. We were so surprised when he qualified for districts but finding out he placed 4th at his level at districts and that the top 5 got to on to the State finals in January was just plain FUN! So tomorrow he bowls three games in Eagan MN. Can’t wait to see what  this all involves.

Now I am back to work..heigh ho!  Heigh Ho!

A planning list.

January 5, 2012|7:13 pm

In the interest of keeping tabs on what I am doing here is my to do list for tomorrow:

Student planning by child

KONOS planning and prep work. Re-watch week 1 videos from Homeschool Mentor.

Try and go through one dining room shelf and clean out. The bedroom shelves are done and most of the closet in our former homeschool room. This is the room we gave to Ben when he moved back in. He was really patient!

I guess I will be teaching a class for the spring session of our co-op. One of our newer members is pregnant and the class is a full one so she would rather assist than actually teach. I need to plan the 11 week session and the homework so I can have to buy lists and also supplies made by the first Monday in February. I want to give each child a synopsis of the class and expectations for various ages by week 1.

I had planned on getting much of this stuff done earlier in the week but being side lined by a nasty cold with all the aches and pains of a flu has seriously jeopardized my progress.