A Modern Adventure of Two Little Boys

June 20, 2010|10:15 pm

Recently my two youngest were out back playing. Spying them in the tall grass wearing their coonskin caps and slinking around the fort and trees I called out and asked what they were playing. They answered “war”. I asked if they were Cowboys and Indians or fur trappers. ” Neither mom! Can’t you tell ?” No who are you fighting? “Mom! we are fighting the aliens.. you know the ones on Ben’s video games??” Hmm guess I am out of touch with what modern little boys battle!

the guns don't exactly match the caps. Do they?

I am not sure what he is hiding in his shirt? A Lazer?

someone might be hiding behind that Tshirt on the line!

Taking aim..

endless possibilities for hiding..

June 13th.

June 14, 2010|9:03 pm

Yesterday , June 13 th was our thirtieth wedding Anniversary. It was an ordinary day and yet was an extraordinary day. We celebrated our love and family. We went out for breakfast together and then ran errands. Everyday, ordinary stuff. Made special by the fact that we enjoy being together. Later we had as many family as wanted to come stop by for dinner. Yummy steaks and chicken on the BBQ. The younger children made us cards :>). The older ones banded together to give us a night out in a hotel. Something we have been trying to do for a long time.  It looks like we may even get to go do that next weekend. The anticipation is half the fun!

My in laws gave us a dozen roses. My mother in love even tried to make it twelve different kinds of roses. One as unique as each of our children and yet also the same.  Here is a great picture of the roses in all their glory.

Isn't this an aweome diplay of the beauty God creates?

Isn't this an aweome diplay of the beauty God creates?

From a different angle.

From a different angle.

I am so grateful that God chose Pat for me.

Neat article! On large families and their treatment by society

June 7, 2010|7:37 am


Sorry, I guess I need to relearn how to do links. In the mean time take a minute to copy and paste!

I’ll be back soon with an update on ordinary life. It has been busy with fun kinds of things (making my new mosaic table for the deck) and not so fun (septic backed up!UHGG!).

Crafts and hay and housework and homeschool OH MY!

May 29, 2010|3:53 pm

It has been busy around here. Pat and many of the boys have been working on leveling and putting new foundation under his mom’s garage. Dané has been gardening with some help from the children.  Aimée harvested her first strawberry of the year!Jim has been out raking hay so we can bale and harvest while the sun still shines. The forecast is for thunderstorms tomorrow.

Nick and Peyten came by and stole Pat and Jeff away for a little fishing this afternoon. Since it is ninety and sunny I am afraid they will come home baked!

I have been busy shuffling curriculum for our co-op next year and our own homeschool for this summer. Making plans and reading reviews. Today I printed several things and ran to Office Max and had them coil bound. I love my comb binder but sometime having a book lay completely flat is important. Later tonight or tomorrow I will post about our curriculum choices for now and next fall. I always love reading why others have chosen various products and projects to pursue so will take the time this year to define my choices and picks.

Well time to finish my spaghetti sauce and put it in the crock pot to stay hot until we have a break in the haying job!

Verse suggestion anyone?

May 23, 2010|11:19 pm
  • Jeremiah
  • 23.
  • This is what the LORD says: “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches,
  • 24.
  • but let him who boasts boast about this: that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight,” declares the LORD.

This was the bible verses I used last year for our homeschool.  An important goal for any parent: that their children be able to say they know the Lord. One we will be working on for all the years to come.

But it is time to choose a new verse. Our summer term and new year will be starting on June 1st. I am diligently working on plans for the new year, but feel like I am missing something. The key seems to be to find our new verse first. I think I’ll ask the children in the morning.

Pat is down at our son Nick’s place. It seems he was trying to install a new spigot? or something to do with water. Unfortunately things started breaking. Since it was 10:30 on Sunday evening there are not exactly a lot of places to get the supplies and tools needed to fix water pipes, etc. Dad to the rescue! My husband is a wonderful daddy and awesome husband. His actions tell me many times a day how much he loves us and God!


Summer is here..

May 19, 2010|5:44 pm

It is 80 degrees outside. The sun is shining and there are blossoms on some of the tomato plants! Summer is here!

I have been trying to walk with my friend Laurie a couple of times a week. I enjoy the walk and the talk but finding time to fit it in is difficult. Maybe I need to just start walking early in the mornings again. How do you fit time into your day to exercise?

Co-op is done for this year and we are heavily into planning for next year.  My self imposed deadline of June 1st for having plans for each class is fast approaching. Many of the other tutors are working diligently on theirs and, while I am working on mine, I seem to be going a tad bit slower than I should be. I had my heart set on basing next years history and writing on the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. However just the guides in digital format and the map and writing aids for the year came to almost $300. Not at all in our budget! So I have determined that I will sit down this week and write an outline for the class and start planning individual lessons and activities. There is a link in my sidebar to various timeline documents I have pulled together and I will be adding websites etc. as I find them. Use them if you find them useful!

Well dinner is done and I want to make it outside again while it is still gorgeous so Good Night!

Just for Fun..

May 12, 2010|11:53 am

I know that Jay will someday do something with animals. If he doesn’t become a veterinarian or own a zoo (his current ambitions). He will at least have many pets. He has made portable zoos, farms and jungles all this winter. here for your viewing pleasure I’ll share a few of the photos we have snapped.

fun and derby 004fun and derby 005

Aren’t Elephants fun?

Spring sightings..

May 1, 2010|1:37 pm
Signs of spring a child riding a horse

Signs of spring a child riding a horse

chatting on the swings

chatting on the swings

Beautiful girls in bonnets

Beautiful girls in bonnets

nursing little lambs even if you know it's just to make their last hours easier

nursing little lambs even if you know it's just to make their last hours easier

little girls and lambs are such natural photo ops!

little girls and lambs are such natural photo ops!

as are girls and bunnies!

as are girls and bunnies!

buds on the trees

buds on the trees

all wonderful delicious creations of the LORD! So much to be grateful for!


April 24, 2010|9:37 am

Wow I am letting things like this blog get behind. Between going to our local homeschool convention I have been planning the next year of our co-op. Researching curricula, weighing pros and cons, and soliciting opinions from other moms in the co-op.I have also been trying to wrap up this years classical conversations co-op and plan end of the year awards.  No time for blogging! We have been very busy with real life also.

Matthew won an award at his wing level. He made a comment about it under the last post I filed under Military. I know he had been super busy prepping for an inspection and preparing for an exam. Hopefully now that those are behind him he can be a bit more relaxed.:)  I know his wife hopes so.

I’ll try and post some pictures later today of a fun Dunn Bros. coffee in Eden Prairie, MN. My friend and I had a fun time there yesterday as part of our food adventure!

Lambs and gardens and homeschool planning..oh MY!

April 3, 2010|9:44 am

It has been gorgeous here in sunny MN. Spring is busting out all over. New lambs and the green grass are growing at a phenomenal rate. To see the newest babies here on the farm pop over to my daughter’s site. Listed in the right hand side bar under favorite links.

For us to lose one lamb a year is excessive. This year tow have died within a day of their births so there has been some sadness mixed in with the joy of new life.

Here are a few spring time cuties. My niece took the photos and I photo lifted them from her facebook! Thanks Tessi!


Here is Jeffrey helping 2 yr old Destiny get to know a baby lamb.


Tessi (my niece) and her daughter destiny (2) pose with Jeffrey (13) and our first born lamb of the season.

It has gotten chilly again.. after all it is only early April here! So other than doing seedlings in the library we aren’t doing much in the garden yet. The time is coming quickly though as we need to get the root crops in and any lettuces and peas we are growing.  The rhubarb is poking it’s curly heads up and I cannot wait for the first cake of the season. I can almost taste it now!

We are busy planning the co-op for next year and I am working on my homeschool plans for this summer and next year. I even made a wonderful daily planner and I love it. We will see how effective it actually is to implement next week. I’ll  try and take pictures of it and report in later in the week.

Off to get ready for Easter.