Home is best…

April 14, 2011|6:10 am

I have been home for almost three days now and am just catching up on sleep and hugs from children.

Europe is a wonderful place to visit but I sure wouldn’t want to live there! At least not for any extended amount of time. Visiting there however, gives a person a serious appreciation for what we have here in America. It can also challenge you to rethink some of what we have in America. More on that later.

It will take me MANY posts to share even a few wonderful sights we saw But I thought I’d start with a picture or two from Paris. This was actually the last six days of our trip.


trip to europe 019



trip to europe 020

trip to europe 009

The Eiffel tower is of course, one of the most famous land marks in France. Word of advice: If you are claustrophobic.. the elevators are packed.  Think Carefully about getting on.

Further words of wisdom: If you are afraid of heights do not listen to the son who says “Mom, you’ll most likely never be here again. Ride to the top.” Just heed your own instincts. That way you won’t make a slight scene as you quickly exit the elevator.. the all glass elevator moving sideways and upwards at the same time .. past steel girders that realize will sway in a slight wind..as you exit at the first level. Of course if you do make it this far, you can tell your family to go on without you and they can meet you down stairs on the ground level. I did after calming my racing heart really enjoy the view from the first level up.  I don’t have any pictures from that level because my camera was at the top.. with everyone else.


trip to europe 030

My mother in love.. Ruth. Top of the Eiffel tower April 2011.