Ran to Jo Anne’s Fabric tonight

July 16, 2011|11:20 pm

and bought the fabric for my first ever quilt. It may be a while before I actually get to it as I am not even sure what pattern I am going to use. It is a wide range of fun patriotic fabrics that are just right up my alley..one even has moose on it! could  that be any more me? I’ll need to add in some solids later on but couldn’t pass the deal on this fabric up. They were 50% off and I had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon.

Oh and I also picked up some cool yarn on a REALLY great clearance. Enough to make a 00000000 for 000000 for Christmas! Info withheld for the obvious reason that some of my children read this blog on a regular basis!

Todays CM party was a bust with all of her guests cancelling but we had a great visit and fun afternoon anyway. I did get  started organizing photos to give to my mom in love for her birthday on Tuesday. I can safely say that as she rarely reads this blog.

Many of you know

July 12, 2011|9:52 pm

That I have started a new adventure and  while I wouldn’t normally use this space to chat about sales stuff tonight I am indulging myself.
Here is the deal: I started a Creative memories Photo solution business this past month in hopes of bringing in a few more dollars while following my scrap booking passion.  I actually made the top THREE in  sales for our unit and as I am attending the National convention in August my boss just challenged me to double that so I can attend a special breakfast during the convention. Since there is double hostess credits for the rest of this month it is a win win scenario! The first three people who call me to tell me they would like to hold a fun one hour long get together  (held before July 29th) will earn double hostess $$ and an extra special gift from me!

Some of you know the background: I swore I would never sell CM. I always thought they made it sound as if they had the only reliable and safe scrapbooking supplies. I got invited to a Photo Solutions party and watched a short video on improving my picture taking skills. Well I loved it and then I did some research into their digital products and I was hooked! I love the programs and many ways of truly making the most of my photos.  I can’t wait to really start producing beautiful digital scrapbooks! Like the ones here on my site.

Then I had a friend suggest I get back into regular scrapbooking and share faithbooking. Oh! I had forgotten the sheer joy in scrapbooking my favorite verses or the ones God has been sharing with me. Just doodling some of these pages has made me look deeper at what God is saying~ whispering~ to me. I am hoping too make this a weekly event at my house .. just taking a few minutes to put together a fun page from the Lord. I also hope to maybe hold a workshop or two here at my house to share with friends how to use their creativity to remember what God is speaking to them about.

OK Can you tell I am excited? I’ll quit for now!

BTW- If you have made it this far..( wow Thanks for sticking with me!) I will also share my relief at having decided to add an air conditioner to our life. Pat is hoping to come home this week and wire the electric for the air conditioner I am supposed to go buy tomorrow! Since the extended forecast is for 90’s with high humidity relief is in sight!