Blessed by

January 18, 2013|6:49 pm

My wonderful friends from co-op. It is so wonderful to know I can take off when I need to. I am currently visiting my son and his beautiful family and having a great time with them. Brought the youngest four and due to gorgeous weather they are getting fresh air and sunshine as they play with the next generation.

Have a great weekend!

A new find..

March 19, 2012|9:28 pm

I have to share.. I have found a great new resource! A couple of weeks ago as I was blog hopping I happened upon a random button. It intrigued me so I went and looked. And here was an answer to my prayer.

I am currently teaching a Geography class for multi age children at my co-op. My desire is to have the children see the world as something they need to know in order to know how to reach out and share God’s love.

The class was actually looking like your typical.. where are the oceans?.. what countries are located on this continent? does the atmosphere affect us? .. how does…??? all good information but not the slant I wanted.

Enter the adventures of the Brinkman Family  a radio drama in several parts. I bought the first three episodes and then after talking to the family that created these shows and getting permission to use them in class… we were off! I expected to share 10 or maybe 15 minutes before the children got bored BUT no they loved them and listened quietly (my speakers on the laptop aren’t the greatest!) to the entire episode. Today we listened to the second one and I had to make them promise that if their parents bought the episodes that they would NOT listen to episode number three until next Monday!

Please take a minute to explore this new resource. I whole heartedly recommend them.

New Year part b

January 2, 2012|3:01 pm

I mentioned spending time with my children as being a New Year Resolution. Accomplishing this has already been set into motion. I am taking at least a year sabbatical from the homeschool co-op I started three years ago. This is  and was a very difficult decision to make. It was only possible by the fact that when my husband suggested it I felt a total sense of peace and the thought resonating at the time was “Yes, this is the time.”

There is a group of ladies poised to take over. They have changes they would like to see that I can respect and would maybe even like if I had joined an up and running co-op with these particular aspects already in place. Since they are changes to my “baby” it will be a lot less painful for me and less stressful for the other ladies if I am not present during the change over. And yes, this is easier to write than it will be to actually carry out. I get that. I am praying for God’s blessing and hand in all of this!

Back to my children.. so without the time it takes to set up and follow through on classes and classroom planning I have freed anywhere from 5 to 20 hours a week. Yes, you read that correctly. I often spend up to 20 hours to prep work, making phone calls and just plain crisis management of the co-op. We have some new rules and plans to enforce them that may change the crisis management portion. For all our sakes I am praying this solution works.

With that extra time I plan on actually spending the time in physical teaching time with my children. My younger ones do not remember a KONOS unit and all it entails. I want to change that. Since Pat is currently laid off we are even embarking on a unit I would think twice (or twenty times) about doing. Resourcefulness and Inquisitiveness from KONOS Volume 3. It involves simple machines , levers, and many electrical experiments. Dad has agreed (with pretend reluctance) to do these. Given the amount of questions and ideas he has handed me he is into this unit as much as the children will be once they get to start.

We are continuing our chronological history (mostly for the older children) with the VP cards memory work (for all of us)and some resources from TOG. In order to lessen my planning time we are joining the HSM program from KONOS. For $30 a month Jessica Hulcy (author) does all the lesson planning and through the use of videos teaches the teacher. Being part of a separate yahoo group just for people following the HSM Vol.# plan should keep me accountable and on track.

My plan is to be so organized that we can add in time for our handicrafts and music again. All of the children love art and some are really into quilting and knitting and crocheting. Having a dedicated time several days a week should help our productivity in these matters.

Ok I just reread this and it sounds like one of those overly ambitious never will be carried out in actual life kinds of posts. I’ll be honest with how it goes OK? I don’t think we will spend hours a day on any one activity but I do want to have several sessions scheduled that will add up to real time spent on each activity over the course of a week or month.


September 11, 2011|6:13 pm

Tomorrow is coming quickly.. I am so excited.. and sort of petrified I have forgotten a million things! I am praying the wonderful parents involved in the co-op with me will extend GRACE in abundant measure as we move forward with this new year.

I am finalizing all the class wish lists piles and will have the children help load the car as soon as it gets back from the store. I may find thirst more things undone but am planning on remembering my promise to put my family first so will stop at 8:30 p.m. and read to my family.

Anyone reading this please pray for our day tomorrow!

thank you!