A Charlotte Mason Education

April 15, 2012|2:27 pm

I have longed to do a Charlotte mason education. I have made some attempt to use the CM style with my KONOS and Tapestry of Grace. I have played with the ideas of a living book education. Somewhere along the way this weekend, I realized I have never accomplished  what I intended to do.


I am currently watching an All Day Charlotte Mason seminar on DVD. I have just concluded the first session and I am excited to do the remaining ones. I am attempting to really give my full attention to the ideas and beliefs presented. I am trying to wipe my mind of any thoughts of curriculum. To be totally open to the idea of using the living books I have here and that are available for free on the internet. To look with an open mind and heart at every subject we want to have our children learn through the fully engaged lens of  a Charlotte Mason education.


Let the adventure begin!