Slogging through..

September 11, 2015|5:08 pm

At this point in my homeschool year I am ALWAYS reading other blogs, books and articles on organization. Organization of my life. Organization of my day. Organization of our school. Organization of my organization tools.

Well guess what? I cannot find anything ANYWHERE that is equal to my life! I’ve tried and tried.

It just doesn’t appear to exist.

Maybe because every other mother of twelve is smarter than I am? They have recognized that it is impossible? NO, as much as I would like to believe that I’m pretty sure that is not the case. More likely, they just don’t have time to write about the systems they have created!

I am going to stay with what I know works for me. Doing the next thing and the next. Prioritizing each next thing. Being free to set free the vegies I should have been doing today {when in reality The Not Back to School campout we went on was far more memory making} so they can bless someone else!

Here is to all you other Mamas who just keep on keeping on!

Camping trip

May 31, 2012|12:15 am

Next week we are headed out on a camping trip. it has been awhile since we have done any camping. The boys are really looking forward to it. Me? I think I am. Our original plans were to go up north towards Beaver Bay, MN where we have friends. It sounds like they will be quite busy so we are rethinking the plans. Tonight we looked at the local county park. Bray park is inexpensive and very close to home. All good money saving things. But the real reason I like the new plan? I don’t have to remember EVERYTHING! If I forget something either I make a quick trip home or someone brings the item out.

This gives me a bit of leeway as we get back into the camping way of life. I have a feeling that it may take me a bit longer to remember all the fun extras and the necessities that make a camping trip fun. Anyone have any great tips to help me plan this trip?