January 2, 2013|11:31 pm

I gave my daughter a challenge to blog at least 20 times during the month of January. She accepted.

NOW I have to keep up.

She is also doing a mini list of projects as she works and completes them. Guess I need to do that also. Here we go.

You saw the pics of the craft room. That project is done and making me totally excited to start on some scrapping projects.

Next is the bathroom in our bedroom area.

I won’t be starting it tomorrow as that will be my planning day for our homeschool. We start again on January 7th and I haven’t even checked out where the children ended in their books while I was in Texas. I also have a meeting with one of the mamas who has been taking an active roll in the co-op. So I guess Friday’s resolution is to clean and add some shelving and cupboard space to my bathroom.

I guess as long as I keep moving on these projects I’ll have lots of scrapping, crocheting, cleaning and organizing, and maybe even some fun  (or not so fun?) school stuff to blog about.

I am so excited..

January 1, 2013|1:59 pm

To have my crafting, scrapping, stamping, felting, school project, game and puzzle area done. Pat added the last coat of paint to the top of the table at about midnight for me.

They say pictures are worth more than words so here goes:

2012 craft table 098

From the doorway looking left. I added photo boxes to the stash I had previously. I love them

because you can label them. Pictures’, Stamps, Punches.. whatever you want them to hold.


2012 craft table 097

IKEA shelves are awesome. We got this one half price a few years ago as it had a ding in the front.

We turned it around since the only way we new that was the front was because they told us so!

The white rolling cart is from Michaels and pulls easily up to the table.

2012 craft table 099

When mom died, dad gave me her three glass cabinets . She used them for scrapping stuff.

I now have two in the dining room with my china on display and the third is here holding paper and tools.

Table is primed here.


2012 craft table 102

Plastic drawers and holders hide nicely under the table since it is on rollers.


2012 craft table 103

My wonderful hubby painting my table at 11 pm on New Year’s eve.

2012 craft table 109

TA DA! I love my new space!

Pictures are a bit blurry as one of my little men (grandson) played with the settings on my camera yesterday!

New Year part b

January 2, 2012|3:01 pm

I mentioned spending time with my children as being a New Year Resolution. Accomplishing this has already been set into motion. I am taking at least a year sabbatical from the homeschool co-op I started three years ago. This is  and was a very difficult decision to make. It was only possible by the fact that when my husband suggested it I felt a total sense of peace and the thought resonating at the time was “Yes, this is the time.”

There is a group of ladies poised to take over. They have changes they would like to see that I can respect and would maybe even like if I had joined an up and running co-op with these particular aspects already in place. Since they are changes to my “baby” it will be a lot less painful for me and less stressful for the other ladies if I am not present during the change over. And yes, this is easier to write than it will be to actually carry out. I get that. I am praying for God’s blessing and hand in all of this!

Back to my children.. so without the time it takes to set up and follow through on classes and classroom planning I have freed anywhere from 5 to 20 hours a week. Yes, you read that correctly. I often spend up to 20 hours to prep work, making phone calls and just plain crisis management of the co-op. We have some new rules and plans to enforce them that may change the crisis management portion. For all our sakes I am praying this solution works.

With that extra time I plan on actually spending the time in physical teaching time with my children. My younger ones do not remember a KONOS unit and all it entails. I want to change that. Since Pat is currently laid off we are even embarking on a unit I would think twice (or twenty times) about doing. Resourcefulness and Inquisitiveness from KONOS Volume 3. It involves simple machines , levers, and many electrical experiments. Dad has agreed (with pretend reluctance) to do these. Given the amount of questions and ideas he has handed me he is into this unit as much as the children will be once they get to start.

We are continuing our chronological history (mostly for the older children) with the VP cards memory work (for all of us)and some resources from TOG. In order to lessen my planning time we are joining the HSM program from KONOS. For $30 a month Jessica Hulcy (author) does all the lesson planning and through the use of videos teaches the teacher. Being part of a separate yahoo group just for people following the HSM Vol.# plan should keep me accountable and on track.

My plan is to be so organized that we can add in time for our handicrafts and music again. All of the children love art and some are really into quilting and knitting and crocheting. Having a dedicated time several days a week should help our productivity in these matters.

Ok I just reread this and it sounds like one of those overly ambitious never will be carried out in actual life kinds of posts. I’ll be honest with how it goes OK? I don’t think we will spend hours a day on any one activity but I do want to have several sessions scheduled that will add up to real time spent on each activity over the course of a week or month.

It’s that time of year again..

August 28, 2011|12:14 pm

Time to organize for Christmas!

HA! you thought I was going to say for school right? Well if you are starting school in September I assume you are almost done with planning your first few weeks. If not use this week as catch up and get it done. I have a day planned this week to make memories with my children, a day to finish most of the projects for co-op and a day set aside to finalize the daily details of our school plans. I will be done before the 1st of September is over!

Now back to the important stuff.. Holidays with our families. Our family embraces the Christmas holiday.. it may no be that Jesus actually has His birthday as December 25th but that is when we celebrate and we do celebrate! I want friends and family to know He is the reason for our joyous celebrations. In order to celebrate in the style I like it takes a LOT of pre planning and the biggest ally I have in that is a yahoo group called Holiday Grand Plan and a website called Organized Christmas .

This weeks challenge is to make our lists.. gifts to make gifts to to be done.. parties to have… and on and on… There are 119 days left until Christmas and don’t forget that there are a few other dates like Thanksgiving before that! So let’s get busy!

Funniest video about knitting!

July 22, 2011|1:53 pm

Ok all I have to say is this is awesome and Tom Hanks has a devious mind!

Knitting prank is found here. Julia Roberts laugh is so contagious.

Quilting day..

July 16, 2011|11:33 pm

As I was re reading my last blog and talking about the quilt I’d like to do someday,I realized I haven’t shared here about my daughters’ quilts. Bethany and Dané were attending the 4H quilt club meetings this year before we decided that 4H was something that just had to go for my sanity. They started making quilts with many different blocks. Dané declared today quilt day and spent the morning at her house working on blocks. Bethany went over for awhile but soon quit. Then they decided to work over here in the kitchen where the new air conditioner is keeping it an wonderfully cool. They are of course, all done for the night and off to bed but have their stuff all set up hoping to get in a few more hours tomorrow.

quilting 008

This is what the breakfast nook looks like right now.

quilting 007

This was earlier in the day as they were both hard at work.

quilting 001

Some of Dané’s blocks all laid out. I am sure she will post more pictures on her blog soon. Seeing the beautiful quilts these two are making is what inspired me to buy my own fabric earlier today.

Ran to Jo Anne’s Fabric tonight

|11:20 pm

and bought the fabric for my first ever quilt. It may be a while before I actually get to it as I am not even sure what pattern I am going to use. It is a wide range of fun patriotic fabrics that are just right up my even has moose on it! could  that be any more me? I’ll need to add in some solids later on but couldn’t pass the deal on this fabric up. They were 50% off and I had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon.

Oh and I also picked up some cool yarn on a REALLY great clearance. Enough to make a 00000000 for 000000 for Christmas! Info withheld for the obvious reason that some of my children read this blog on a regular basis!

Todays CM party was a bust with all of her guests cancelling but we had a great visit and fun afternoon anyway. I did get  started organizing photos to give to my mom in love for her birthday on Tuesday. I can safely say that as she rarely reads this blog.

I was reminded by one of my children…

January 27, 2011|9:11 am

That not everyone is on facebook. Really it’s not that I don’t want to blog.. it’s just that I have 5 million other things to do. Like making this cute sweater for my granddaughter:


sweater 001

I started it last Saturday and finished it yesterday. Kadence is so skinny and tall that I think they will have to cinch it in with the tie. I think it will be cute over a dress or with some cute little leggings and matching tee shirt.


Hmm Ben just showed me he has a much better picture.. I’ll up load it here:

sweaterform Ben 002At least with his camera you can tell it is purple!

Now to decide the next crochet project. Of course my stash is full of UFO’s I should

work on! However with our upcoming trip to Texas I’d like to have something fun to work on..maybe it is time for an adult sweater?

Fairy Gardens

June 7, 2010|4:43 pm

Today we had an impromptu Fairy garden party. I read a blog called Pink and Green Mama and fell in love. I’ll link to her later (I am still having trouble with that!) Yesterday she posted about the fairy gardens she had helped her daughters make as teacher gifts. Since my sister in law and nieces were already planning on stopping by, I ran to town and picked up some bowls from Wal-Mart and some little houses from the $1 section of Michaels. A quick phone call to another friend and we had a fun day planned.

First we painted houses

First we painted houses

We just used acrylic paint I had on hand.When they were mostly dry I sprayed them with a gloss covercoat to protect from the weather.


Jonathan and Jay working hard.

Jonathan and Jay working hard.


H and Bethany took great pains to get exactly what they wanted.

H and Bethany took great pains to get exactly what they wanted.



C checks out her house.

C checks out her house.

My niece Destiny gets help from her daddy.

My niece Destiny gets help from her daddy.

Adding Dusty Miller and Alyssum for "trees and bushes".

Adding Dusty Miller and Alyssum for "trees and bushes".

a sky high look

a sky high look

Lots of work being done.

Lots of work being done.

My pictures are fetting cut off so i'll add individual shots

The whole gang enjoys their results!

My nieces and their projects.

My nieces and their projects.

Bethany made hers as a tribute to my mom.

Bethany made hers as a tribute to my mom.

Jay and his garden

Jay and his garden

Jonathan holds his garden

Jonathan holds his garden

All in all it was a fun inexpensive project that delighted everyone for a full afternoon and we will continue to enjoy them.

Just a quick picture of my new found hobby!

December 24, 2009|4:49 pm

I have so enjoyed working with the sheep fibers. I love everything about playing with it,cleaning it, dyeing, and carding it. Now I have learned the art of applique with needle felting. here is my first project!

Dec, felting,snow.cats 037

Dec, felting,snow.cats 035