A whole year..

September 6, 2015|8:50 pm

It’s been an entire year since I posted on this blog. ONE. FULL. YEAR.
It’s time to take back my blogging life or let it go for the foreseeable future. Something inside me rebels at just giving up. So I think I’ll try for the taking control option.

Today we worked on a myriad of projects in our little corner of the world. The 12 beautiful quart jars of homemade tomato soup residing on my counter are very smile inducing!
They are promising us some cool relief from the tremendous humidity and heat we have had this past week plus. Calling for high seventies and low humidity for tomorrow is making those of us MN State Fair bound look forward to the day.

testing a new way to blog

July 6, 2014|2:10 pm

This is a quick test. Since changing to a Linux operating system I have missed my LIVE writer from Windows. My son found this for me and thinks I will like it as much or more. So..o this is a test…..

Hello again Blogging world…

June 30, 2014|7:33 pm

Well it’s been a long six months but taking a break from bloggy-dom was a good thing. It’s been a long time but I’m back. (Said in the scary voice-over of creepy movies!)

Recently (read: since I’ve been on break) we have had my father move in with my daughter next door. Our son who was living there moved back in here and then a week or two later another son and his two little guys moved home. I’m in family heaven. Surprisingly, it’s working fairly well. We’ve had a few glitches as people have had to be creative to get their personal space. The last big project is to empty out the small storage room upstairs that housed all my craft stuff and scrub it out. Once that is done the moves are complete.

We also had a wedding! Dave married Jennifer in DC last February in the most gorgeous setting over looking the Potomac River. It will be a forever night to remember. I’ll try and post pictures soon.

Jeffrey graduated from high school! He will be doing some small engine repair work as he buys fixer uppers (three- wheeler anyone? ) and gets them ready for resell. He will be doing some post high school studies here at home. He had enough credits to graduate but you know us homeschool mamas .. we can always find more for them to study.

As many of you know our son Matthew was in a motor-cycle accident last spring. His recovery is a long story and one I’ll save for another day when we have some news we are waiting for. In the mean time we have much to thank God for!

I’ll be back soon to type what else is going on.. I had a major computer glitch and ditched windows 8 as my hate affair with it was getting extreme. So all my photos and such to share are on a back up hard drive. As I learn how to use this Linux system I’ll move some back over and share them here.

Thanks for listening!

Happy New Year

January 1, 2014|3:03 pm

Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. Do you make resolutions? What are they? I decided a few years back to make goals and not resolutions. I have several I’ll share I’m the next few days but for now I’ll just share my word for 2014: CHOICES.
Please share yours!

Sitting at Barnes and Noble

December 12, 2013|7:11 pm

Trying the new word press app the resident geek installed on my phone. I’ve had some thoughts recently if reviving my blog and sharing with friends.
In a couple of minutes another friend will join my daughter and I. Coffee and talk and laughter will follow.
Sometimes it’s nice to have another avenue to speak my thoughts. So I guess this is a test to see if I can use this app


January 2, 2013|11:31 pm

I gave my daughter a challenge to blog at least 20 times during the month of January. She accepted.

NOW I have to keep up.

She is also doing a mini list of projects as she works and completes them. Guess I need to do that also. Here we go.

You saw the pics of the craft room. That project is done and making me totally excited to start on some scrapping projects.

Next is the bathroom in our bedroom area.

I won’t be starting it tomorrow as that will be my planning day for our homeschool. We start again on January 7th and I haven’t even checked out where the children ended in their books while I was in Texas. I also have a meeting with one of the mamas who has been taking an active roll in the co-op. So I guess Friday’s resolution is to clean and add some shelving and cupboard space to my bathroom.

I guess as long as I keep moving on these projects I’ll have lots of scrapping, crocheting, cleaning and organizing, and maybe even some fun  (or not so fun?) school stuff to blog about.

Back to blogging..

November 9, 2011|10:02 pm

OK once again it has been a long time since I last blogged. Life is, as it is for many people, BUSY! Who would have thought huh?

We had an awesome visit with Matt and Monica and their little ones. Nick and the boys have been hanging out here a lot.. we have been babysitting the boys a lot. All in all mostly fun stuff. Of course there is also co-op and our homeschool.. although that is mostly on the back burner and it is hunting time and on and on and on..

OH my how did I forget CURLING started for the season too!

Pat and I have stolen a few minutes here and there to process some changes we need to make. Little tweaks that should make life more simple. Some to our home and some to our homeschool. We are also anticipating our trip to Texas. Dave is deploying again and we want to visit before he leaves.

The girls have been taking a pottery class down at the community center and I’ll try and post some pictures soon. They are loving it.

More later!


September 5, 2010|10:34 pm

OK so I know it isn’t the New Year. BUT it is a new school year so I am going to let that count.

I keep saying I will find my blog again when..

i get school done

or all the co-op items are made

or I get the house routines going

the pickles are made

the apples are canned





It is time for me to make time for something I so enjoy. I have a new grandson and I haven’t even posted his picture!

so here is William Alexander Hiniker:

47320_469362070518_533920518_7074823_8144746_n and of course his proud daddy and loving siblings,  Kadence and Ryne. Incredibly mama took the picture.

She is of course recovering in a way  that would make lesser women hate her. A week after birthing her third child in less than four years she has recovered her figure and looks amazing!


I Love my children and grandchildren. God has blessed us beyond anything we could imagine!


I had two of my grandsons here today and I FORGOT  was too busy playing to take pictures of them!

Learning more about blogging..

July 18, 2010|2:08 pm

I am trying window’s live writer for the first time ever. You actually write off line and can see exactly how it will look as you are typing out your post. So far I think I am going to love it.Picture0042

i just played with the insert photo feature and here is Isaac’s smiling face in an instant! Much easier than before. I also like the way it centers itself. I’ll have to see if it stays that way when I hit the publish button.

Well it is time to get back to work on co-op items. The rest of the family has been working on ordinary things and / or grandma’s garage renovations. (the new roof is on!). I am working the printer so hard it is warm to the touch!


New look.. New address..

June 15, 2010|10:22 pm

Today is the  first day of my new domain. Ben is getting so involved in web design and now he plans to go to college for web design.. so we decided we needed space for him to play. We will also move Dané’s site and blog to this space soon. We have about a 1000 times the space we had on her old one and I was getting so many blog readers that Ben’s home built server was bogging down!

He said he would leave a link to this blog up for awhile so hopefully you found me. Remember to add this to your favorites or to subscribe through the RSS feed to receive updates.

Have an awesome night!