Good friends

August 11, 2016|8:27 am

and grandchildren and family. I have many things to be grateful for in this life. Yes I have a lot going on and yes some of those are concerning. However; what I choose to focus on can Glorify my Lord or can tell people I really just give lip service to the idea that He is in control. Lord let me choose today to glorify You.


June 16, 2016|5:05 pm

Lord you know the answer I need. The question and confusion I feel are not hidden from you. Please be clear in the answer.

Praise your Holy name.


Fall evenings

September 20, 2015|7:00 am

I love the nice cool weather of the fall.

If it’s cool enough to don a sweatshirt and sit around a campfire it’s the best weather in the world as far as I am concerned. Add in some music and my evening is made. Bethany and Aimée have  really picked up their guitar playing. They practice a fair amount and learn more whenever they have a chance. I wish we had had the ability and finances to encourage more of our older children to pursue music.  I know I’ll keep pushing the younger  children to learn anything they can. Music speaks to the soul.

Last night was so beautiful and it was made more perfect by grandchildren  and our younger guys and their friends running around in the dark, some campfire food and apple cider around the campfire and then music. Our friend Andy has a God given talent for not only music but also for encouraging others to play and enjoy.


It’s easy to wake up Sunday morning praising and ready to worship God when you go to bed Sunday night with worship on your heart and in your mind.


Gratituesday: 9-2-14

September 2, 2014|7:08 pm

Today I am grateful for my messy house. It’s well lived in and well loved. It shows and reflects our fun, active messy life!
That doesn’t mean I would turn down a cleaning fairy… but this house was a gift from God and I and my family have been blessed by it.


July 1, 2014|8:29 pm

Just a simple list
Strawberries from the garden
furry angora bunnies
COOLER weather today yes on July 1st!
My aunt who appreciates my comments on how many days left until Christmas (or tolerates them)
A cuddly cat and warm cup of coffee while sitting with a fun book

Hello again Blogging world…

June 30, 2014|7:33 pm

Well it’s been a long six months but taking a break from bloggy-dom was a good thing. It’s been a long time but I’m back. (Said in the scary voice-over of creepy movies!)

Recently (read: since I’ve been on break) we have had my father move in with my daughter next door. Our son who was living there moved back in here and then a week or two later another son and his two little guys moved home. I’m in family heaven. Surprisingly, it’s working fairly well. We’ve had a few glitches as people have had to be creative to get their personal space. The last big project is to empty out the small storage room upstairs that housed all my craft stuff and scrub it out. Once that is done the moves are complete.

We also had a wedding! Dave married Jennifer in DC last February in the most gorgeous setting over looking the Potomac River. It will be a forever night to remember. I’ll try and post pictures soon.

Jeffrey graduated from high school! He will be doing some small engine repair work as he buys fixer uppers (three- wheeler anyone? ) and gets them ready for resell. He will be doing some post high school studies here at home. He had enough credits to graduate but you know us homeschool mamas .. we can always find more for them to study.

As many of you know our son Matthew was in a motor-cycle accident last spring. His recovery is a long story and one I’ll save for another day when we have some news we are waiting for. In the mean time we have much to thank God for!

I’ll be back soon to type what else is going on.. I had a major computer glitch and ditched windows 8 as my hate affair with it was getting extreme. So all my photos and such to share are on a back up hard drive. As I learn how to use this Linux system I’ll move some back over and share them here.

Thanks for listening!

Snow, snow, and the winds do blow!

January 26, 2014|6:47 pm

It’s an old fashioned blizzard out there and we are stuck at home. I love weather like this. It is truly too icky to go out. We miss Jonathan as he is having a fun time at his cousins house but I am sure he doesn’t miss us!

Got a lot of the dreaded monthly paperwork / bill paying done today and spent hours researching hotel deals. Feels like a job well accomplished. While I was doing that Pat and the children attacked the house and got  it looking pretty good.

Since tomorrow is already basically shut down with all activities cancelled I plan on doing important things like making a fun to do for school list and sorting through crochet projects to determine the next one. (if I get real motivated I may clean my bedroom or craft / school room).

OHHHH I know the perfect thing to do tomorrow! Get out the garden magazines and start planning!

What do you do in a snow storm?

An inspirational post…..

January 21, 2014|6:18 pm

I read today comes from one of my favorite bloggers.

Elizabeth Foss at In the Heart of MY Home often inspires me and today’s post has resonated in my heart. Go to to read her words for yourself. I only wish that I could write in such a way that would make people think deep thoughts. Not a serious gifting of mine but I love being able to share something that speaks to my heart.

Read today’s post and find out if it talks to you the way it talked to me.

Gratituesday thought: thank you Lord for women in my life who are able to speak to me. Friends in person or on the internet who take the time to pray and seek You and offer wisdom that blesses me in my spiritual walk.


May 30, 2012|8:41 am


I heard a statement from a couple of different homeschoolers recently….and I took it to heart and it has really been a source of frustration. The person said.. if you don’t know what your doing after a couple of years of homeschooling you never will.

I have been thinking and praying about this statement and God has shown me a few things..

Well I do know I am homeschooling.. and I do know I am called to do so.. but every year it looks somewhat different. Am I doing something wrong? NO!

Every year our homeschool is different.. we add a child or have one graduate.. every child is different.. one struggles  with differing abilities in reading and writing while one teaches him or herself because you never quite get to it at the end of the day of struggling with, and alongside, the children who work at it for a lengthy time.

Is it wrong to continuously look at new material or new styles of learning? Not if it is what God wants of you! If you are seeking His will and listening to His voice how can it be wrong?

Every curriculum can work IF the mama makes it work with a committed effort.. but will it work as well as something different? Will it work if God has made that child a wide mark off the * “normal” path? Not if God is using the struggles and strengths of that child to grow him and /  or you ! Trust God ! Trust yourself to know your child. Keep seeking answers through prayer and research. And in the interim.. just remember to enjoy your children and this path in life!


*normal.. a term I use reluctantly here as people understand what I am driving at. Normal is really a setting on a dryer and should really not be used in connection with people!

A new find..

March 19, 2012|9:28 pm

I have to share.. I have found a great new resource! A couple of weeks ago as I was blog hopping I happened upon a random button. It intrigued me so I went and looked. And here was an answer to my prayer.

I am currently teaching a Geography class for multi age children at my co-op. My desire is to have the children see the world as something they need to know in order to know how to reach out and share God’s love.

The class was actually looking like your typical.. where are the oceans?.. what countries are located on this continent? does the atmosphere affect us? .. how does…??? all good information but not the slant I wanted.

Enter the adventures of the Brinkman Family  a radio drama in several parts. I bought the first three episodes and then after talking to the family that created these shows and getting permission to use them in class… we were off! I expected to share 10 or maybe 15 minutes before the children got bored BUT no they loved them and listened quietly (my speakers on the laptop aren’t the greatest!) to the entire episode. Today we listened to the second one and I had to make them promise that if their parents bought the episodes that they would NOT listen to episode number three until next Monday!

Please take a minute to explore this new resource. I whole heartedly recommend them.