More History Fest 2009

October 20, 2009|1:59 pm

Well I realized that there are not too many pictures that we took for History fest this year.
Here is a favorite of my children:
His name is Cody and he was apparently in a Taco John’s commercial. A fact that gave him movie star quality status around here!


New Blog / Fresh Start!

October 14, 2009|10:38 pm

So welcome to my new blog! Ben (the at home geek) started this for me after I complained one too many times about not being able to upload pictures to my old one correctly. After being asked again to help me figure it out, he just made me this beautiful new blog and said here! this should do what you want, mom! Short, sweet, and fixed! So for my first attempt at posting on my new blog I will try and share one picture from History Fest!


If this works I will be a happy mama and come back tomorrow and add more pics.