Fun Day at Wow Zone

October 27, 2009|10:39 pm

We  had a great time at the Wow Zone today with our local homeschool group. A few of the children sprung for laser tag and mama payed for all of us to bowl. So we had three lanes. The first one had Jay , Jonathan, Isaac, Jeffrey, Ben and cousins Tucker and Tyler.

wow_zone_and_Computer_room 023

wow_zone_and_Computer_room 032

The next lane was a girly girl event with Aimée and Bethany, Kacey and Breanna and Kaye a friend from school.

wow_zone_and_Computer_room 057

Then there was the adult lane. Myself and Dané, Lori,Marvel and Gigi!

We had a blast even though I mostly threw gutter balls.

Here are some more fun photos from today:

Jay and his left handed toss /throw!

Jay and his left handed toss /throw!

Isaac and Tyler watching.

Isaac and Tyler watching.

wow_zone_and_Computer_room 046

Great day for all!

Good Night!

Oh MY!

October 25, 2009|10:25 pm

Someone on my holiday list posted today that there is 59 days left until Christmas eve! What are you doing to get ready! I’ll create my to do and ta da! list here in the next day or so!


|10:22 pm

What a weekend! We have the office done and it is beautiful! Maybe sometime after CC tomorrow I can take pictures and post them. All we need is some floor pillows for the children to relax on. Those will come as time and money allow. Now we just need to spend some time getting the dining room pulled together and cleaned up as it has been a dumping ground while we have remodeled all week.Everything is slowly coming together and I am so happy! Actually now that I think of it ..things have come together pretty quickly..we just started working on this all last Tuesday so 6 days of painting and remodeling and restructuring leaves us with three rooms redone and many more getting pretty organized! Yeah Family!


What a relief!

October 24, 2009|9:01 pm

The spot in the girls’ bedroom was not a leak in the house! It was just “something” on the wall. I know my grandson had a time or two when he put lotion and/ or shampoo on the walls. This was apparently one of those spots! All’s well that ends well!

Today the library was painted Burgundy Wine- a deep americana red color that I love. I think we were all a bit concerned that it would be dark in the small room but so far we are thrilled with it. Tomorrow we will touch it up and then move all the computers and the TV center and games etc. into that room. That means we can then clean the dining room up and reclaim it as a place to eat and relax in. I will also love having a place to store my co-op school stuff in that is out of site.

My new book came yesterday. It is a book called Crazy Love and it is all about our relationship with God. I am planning on spending a little time with it tomorrow and hope to read a bunch this week and catch up with the online book club that is reading it. I so need to get my quiet time back on track. It is hard to pour out into others lives when I am not taking time to fill up my own. God has blessed me with much in this life and I want to have the energy and desire to bless others.

Maybe not all cream? and Planetarium trip

October 23, 2009|10:35 pm

Well I have to admit we are a bit scared now… All but one place in the newly redone bedroom is taken care of. That area, however, is still wet after more than 24 hours. Does that mean we have a leak from outside? Who knows? The daddy man will have to climb up there tomorrow-when the weather is supposed to be better –and investigate. In the mean time I am praying it will be something easily taken care of.

We visited the local planetarium tonight. a field trip arranged by another homeschool mom. The cost was great at a $1.25 per person and the show lasted for about an hour and a half. The were a few references to billions of years and such but just enough to use as points of discussion. Jay summed it up nicely when he commented after several minutes of a “look backwards” as the gentleman shared a far away view of the universe when he said “Mom, God is bigger than all this isn’t he?”. Way cool thought from a barely 7 yr old. Who cares if it is 10,000 or 10 Billion years old? What really matters is GOD IS BIGGER than all this!

Many other things happened around here today, among them I got to sneak out and have a planning session coffee gab with a friend who routinely speaks great blessings into my life.

Praying everyone has a blessed night!

Busy days!

October 22, 2009|10:33 pm

Wild Day at our house or Let’s play musical rooms!  The girls’ painted their bedroom yesterday– a brilliant Blueberry popover blue. They haven’t been in their room for almost a year as their sister-in-love and the children had it while they stayed with us. The room was candy pink so the transformation is startling.

Pink as Candy!

Pink as Candy!

And then the painting in progress:

Dad lends a hand

Dad lends a hand

Jeffrey pitches in!

Jeffrey pitches in!

Aimée did most of the work!

Aimée did most of the work!

Bethany worked hard too!

Bethany worked hard too!

Bethany worked so hard she managed to even paint the top of Lilly dog’s head. Maybe we can have a couple of final photos when all is said and done.  The girls’ did run into a small problem while working on the room. It seems that when their nephew was in there he liked to spread hand cream and lotion on the walls. This tends to make new paint just slide off! So after applying mineral spirits to the alls and washing them AGAIN, the girls were able to repaint and have the paint stick. While they were busy doing all that we rearranged the living room and even bought a new couch and chair combo at the thrift store. It is so old it’s in style again! Gives us a lot more seating in there, too.

Well tomorrows projects including moving the rest of the girls’ stuff (and there is a LOT of it) and maybe even getting some applesauce made. Of course, I’d love to go ahead and clean out the office they have been living in and repaint it so I can move all the desks out of the dining room.  We do love having our space back but I think all of us agree we would give it up in a minute if that meant we could have Monida and the children back ! We are trying to be happy that their family is all living together again after such a long deployment. Of course the thought of visiting them all overseas sometime in the next three years helps also!


October 20, 2009|2:13 pm

We are a homeschooling family. Have been for about 15 years. I love the freedom and closeness. I love the fact that I can talk about the Lord to my children at any point in our day. I love the fact that we can use the whole world for our classroom and ANY book becomes a text. I love the fact that we can. at any point, keep what works and chuck the rest. I LOVE homeschooling.

We are currently using quite a mix of things. They all center on the Classical Conversations memory work we are currently using. This is working well for most of my younger children. Two of my teens have been essentially, unschooled. One of those is now choosing to get intense about his studies so he can graduate into adult life in a manner acceptable to the more “normal” members of our family and society as a whole. I am glad that he has arrived at this point with a love of learning new things. He knows he can do anything he sets his mind to. He knows how to acquire knowledge and then put it to use in a manner that is far more than passing tests. All in all I would have to say that as my experimental,accidental first unschooled child.. he is awesome! Now if I could just remember that the next time I want to assign the others large amounts of boring texts and pages and pages of math.

More History Fest 2009

|1:59 pm

Well I realized that there are not too many pictures that we took for History fest this year.
Here is a favorite of my children:
His name is Cody and he was apparently in a Taco John’s commercial. A fact that gave him movie star quality status around here!


Working out the details

October 18, 2009|5:14 pm

Well now we know the blog works! And I can show pictures. There have been a few glitches as I have learned to use this and I am sure there will be a few more as I add things to my blog. This is my goal for blogging: To make this set up as user friendly to myself as possible. I would love to just get up and running and be able to use this as a photo journal and diary. I love visiting blogs that are updated often with everything under the sun. I do not care how many people actually visit mine BUT I do care that it be new and fun looking, maybe have great pictures of the kids for family to see or fun stories of what we are doing in life and in our lifestyle of home education. What are some of the features of blogs you love to visit?

New Blog / Fresh Start!

October 14, 2009|10:38 pm

So welcome to my new blog! Ben (the at home geek) started this for me after I complained one too many times about not being able to upload pictures to my old one correctly. After being asked again to help me figure it out, he just made me this beautiful new blog and said here! this should do what you want, mom! Short, sweet, and fixed! So for my first attempt at posting on my new blog I will try and share one picture from History Fest!


If this works I will be a happy mama and come back tomorrow and add more pics.