Oh MY!

October 25, 2009|10:25 pm

Someone on my holiday list posted today that there is 59 days left until Christmas eve! What are you doing to get ready! I’ll create my to do and ta da! list here in the next day or so!


|10:22 pm

What a weekend! We have the office done and it is beautiful! Maybe sometime after CC tomorrow I can take pictures and post them. All we need is some floor pillows for the children to relax on. Those will come as time and money allow. Now we just need to spend some time getting the dining room pulled together and cleaned up as it has been a dumping ground while we have remodeled all week.Everything is slowly coming together and I am so happy! Actually now that I think of it ..things have come together pretty quickly..we just started working on this all last Tuesday so 6 days of painting and remodeling and restructuring leaves us with three rooms redone and many more getting pretty organized! Yeah Family!