Fun Day at Wow Zone

October 27, 2009|10:39 pm

We  had a great time at the Wow Zone today with our local homeschool group. A few of the children sprung for laser tag and mama payed for all of us to bowl. So we had three lanes. The first one had Jay , Jonathan, Isaac, Jeffrey, Ben and cousins Tucker and Tyler.

wow_zone_and_Computer_room 023

wow_zone_and_Computer_room 032

The next lane was a girly girl event with Aimée and Bethany, Kacey and Breanna and Kaye a friend from school.

wow_zone_and_Computer_room 057

Then there was the adult lane. Myself and Dané, Lori,Marvel and Gigi!

We had a blast even though I mostly threw gutter balls.

Here are some more fun photos from today:

Jay and his left handed toss /throw!

Jay and his left handed toss /throw!

Isaac and Tyler watching.

Isaac and Tyler watching.

wow_zone_and_Computer_room 046

Great day for all!

Good Night!