Tis the season..

November 29, 2009|8:07 pm

To celebrate the birth of our Savior! and to give thanks for His birth and death.  I am so thankful for His saving grace.

Every year I have grand plans for the holiday season in regards to school. Plans to do special projects and to do special studies. They very rarely materialize! In the rush  of buying gifts and wrapping and cooking and baking and.. well you get the idea, I always end up dropping my plans. I’ve made a few changes this year and hope to get more meaningful things accomplished. I am using Amy Puetz’s Countdown to Christmas. It is a simple  book with stories and activities for every day in December. I am going to start tomorrow on the theory that we won’t get at least one day done somewhere down the line and being a day ahead will  give us some cushion to work with. I am also going to pull out one of the wonderful copywork ebooks we have and get those printed off for all my younger children. With family activities and our princess circle plans and scout plans there is more than enough activity! Maybe by planning short and meaningful school times I’ll be able to keep them going.

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.