Just a quick picture of my new found hobby!

December 24, 2009|4:49 pm

I have so enjoyed working with the sheep fibers. I love everything about playing with it,cleaning it, dyeing, and carding it. Now I have learned the art of applique with needle felting. here is my first project!

Dec, felting,snow.cats 037

Dec, felting,snow.cats 035


|4:44 pm

We have had about 7 inches since this storm started yesterday. That doesn’t include the night before lasts 3 inches or the 10 inches already on the ground. It has been an unusually snowy December! here are some fun pictures of the snow and wet little boys in it.

Dec, felting,snow.cats 048

The Jay man!

The Jay man!

Snow everywhere!Dec, felting,snow.cats 052

Nature sure does make gorgeous Christmas trees! Sort of epitomizes the song "let heaven and nature sing" doesn't it?

Nature sure does make gorgeous Christmas trees! Sort of epitomizes the song "let heaven and nature sing" doesn't it?

Dec, felting,snow.cats 053

Dec, felting,snow.cats 054

Looks almost like he is eating the snow. Really he was just concentrating so hard his tongue was between his teeth!

Dec, felting,snow.cats 055

Brothers having fun together.

Brothers having fun together.

Hey Texans-Don’t you miss the gorgeous weather up here?


December 23, 2009|8:37 pm

This is a hoot! Very creative high school students!

Hope everyone is staying wonderfully dry and warm. It has snowed about an inch in the last 30 minutes here. They are saying 19 to 23 inches for us!

Planning for 2010

December 22, 2009|8:18 am

I have been planning all sorts of fun educational topics for 2010. BUT life has happened again. Dad needs another surgery. Dad lives in Texas.  I am now headed to Texas shortly after Christmas. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone but I do know that if I don’t get a schedule with assigned work down on paper nothing will get done in the “school” department here at home. Big sister and daddy will keep them right on track if I have it laid out out and they don’t have to wing it.

So I have decided January will be a great time to get  the “habit” of doing the basics settled into our lives. Charlotte mason has much to say on the formation of habits in the lives of both our children and ourselves and it makes sense. We always have grand schemes so I am going to make this one simple. Each day there will be :

  • Bible
  • Math
  • Writing or copywork depending on age
  • Memory work from our classical community coop.
  • Reading out loud (from a fun book and from History)
  • Personal reading time

That should be productive enough to keep them from getting bored in the winter weather that seems to have moved in with every intention of staying until next spring. I think I’ll also add some fun activities for the younger children — maybe a list of extras like working on their nature Notebooks.  Or maybe some puzzles and such. The two youngest will also work on their phonograms so we can get them both reading strongly this year. I am looking forward to the day when I have all readers! I am assuming school will be quite different.

Have a blessed day as you prepare for the upcoming Christmas season. I will be working on things at home as we got 5 new inches of snow again last night. They are forcasting 3-5 tomorrow and then about that much Christmas even and again Christmas day along with blizzard conditions and some freezing rain. Isn’t staying home lovely?

Gratitude Monday

December 21, 2009|10:57 pm

While showing hubby the blog pictures of the wool I realized it was time for a gratitude post.

So today’s list in no particular order: Holiday shopping done to the point of being able to relax even if the storm coming is as bad as they say. Friends who come to visit.  Many children working on secret projects for their siblings.

Have a blessed evening.

Green Sheep-Not!

December 9, 2009|11:21 am

Ben downloaded photos from Dané’s camera for me and I found them under the label green sheep. But I guess he could have said blue or pink or purple. I am really having fun cleaning the wool and getting it dyed with kool aid. It is a project I have been wanting to pursue for quite a while but one of those things that are not top priority for a busy mama. When my friend Carolyn and her beautiful group of girls came over on Monday we got started with the cleaning and washing. We managed to dye pinks, oranges and a washed looking purple. Then Bethany helped me last night and we worked on green and blue.  Next step after drying all the wool( a couple of day process) is to card it and clean it a bit more during that process and then learn to make some felted creatures. I think I have decided I could really get into this and I will be cruising the various websites looking for new dye ideas and new projects.

a pretty orange the darker shades will work well for bird beaks and tummies

a pretty orange the darker shades will work well for bird beaks and tummies

I really love the orange but the green is wild:

All of this wool looks almost handpainted with the dye technique used

All of this wool looks almost handpainted with the dye technique used

I used two differnt colors of pink but they are indistinguishable now.

I used two different colors of pink but they are indistinguishable now.

What do you think of the purple? I am thinking it would make lovely felted pansy flowers or maybe fairy wings?

And next we have the plain washed… just off the sheep white.

greensheep 137

Today or tomorrow I am hoping to get some black done. Several of the lambs have a lovely red tip to them and I think that I’ll leave that  natural, but if I get some black with silver tipping cleaned I may try adding a dye wash to it.

Multitude Monday

December 7, 2009|8:37 pm

Time for a gratitude post. I am not even sure where to start so I’ll dive in! In no particular order.. I am grateful for grandson staying put where he belongs for another day ( not due till January but giving his mom pains!).. for the smile on Peyten’s face when he plays truck with aunts and uncles… electronic services and fast mail that lets me send messages and get them from Germany and Iraq.. for laundry that waits to be folded.. and waits a bit longer because I am having fun with the children instead of cleaning house.. But then we’ll have fun with cleaning house if my attitude is right..I am grateful for libraries and books that come via inter library loan.. for friends and fun activities like dyeing wool with kool aid.. for kisses and hugs and stories to read..for a God so HUGE and merciful..For a loving husband.

God is speaking..

December 6, 2009|11:06 pm

and I sometimes hear Him! But it often seems that I miss what He is saying. Well lately He has been unmistakably leading me to writings in His word and by many women working hard to serve Him. Over and over I am hearing words of peace and joy and love and rest. Quiet and purposeful lives. Living deliberately for Him by living life out at home. Taking more time each and every day to disciple my children. Less running. Less activities. More reading time with my children. More fun projects that won’t be rushed. More time having the four year old pull up a chair and REALLY help with the baking I am doing.  More love shared = more love returned and is there anything as precious as love of Christ reflected in the eyes of your child?

I am already changing the focus of my days. I am  still doing certain activities. I am praying that God will open my eyes and ears to what is best for my family. Our new Princess Circle seems to be a direct answer to prayer for Godly mentoring for my own daughters. I think as our community of local moms works our way through many great books, dissecting them and pulling out Godly virtues and traits we would like to emulate and have our daughters follow suite, we will grow into that community of Titus 2 women that has been so missing in recent times. Cub scouts and Boy scouts will definitely be an issue for prayer at my house. I like most things about Scouts. However; it is the only time our older boys are away from Pat and I. 

Our co-op is an area that takes much of my time. I think that the changes we are making for next year will mean I have less prep time and less stress. I think that it will be much more “doable” with the new plan for next year. With much prayer and some change I expect that maybe I’ll make more time to listen to what the Lord is saying. It always amazes me how patient He is with us!

Thanks be to God!

Princess Circle

December 4, 2009|9:12 pm

Well today we met for our first ever princess circle. This is a literature group for mama’s and their daughters. My hope is that by studying great lit, especially the fun classics of by gone eras, we will be able to gently guide our daughters into being genuine princesses of their Heavenly Father. In the way they act , talk and serve others. I think that I am finding that I am going to be as affected by these studies as my daughters.

I heard somewhere, not to long ago, a radio person say that as we grow more towards Christ our tears fall easier. I jokingly said to a friend.. see we are not more hormonal.. we are growing more like Christ. And in my heart of hearts, I so want that to be true. I long to have the love He shows to all. Not just a chosen few BUT ALL of his children. I long to want to love all. Not just those in my comfortable circle but all those that I encounter. It is my desire to develop in my children a servant’s heart. But how does one do that? How do we show our children how blessed we are even in this economy and that there is still plenty of ways we can reach out? I have a few ideas on how I might do some of this, some suggested by my children even. And we will do those things. I pray they will impact my family and have them grow more as servants and children of our LORD.

In the meantime I will continue with fun things like our literature circle in the hope, and with the prayer, that discussions centered around books about people trying their best in whatever circumstances they find themselves will inspire my children to do the same. Todays lunch revolved around the Anne of Green Gables book. If you haven’t read this book about a fiery little redhead with HUGE dreams and plans do yourselves a favor and order today! Next time our book will be Pollyanna. I hope we will be able to have more discussion time about the characters in the book and how they live out their lives.  But even if we do not I know that I will make even more time for a good discussion with my girls.

Have a blessed night.

Such Gratitude..

December 2, 2009|11:20 pm

in my heart right now. For precious thoughts shared on a friend’s blog. For lessons God is trying to teach me. For a family that blesses me time and time again with love and smiles. For a husband that not only works hard to support us BUT does it with the attitude that he will do whatever necesary to keep me at home with our children. I know some women choose to work or work because they need to and I wouldn’t want to say that I would never return to work. We have discussed the possiblity with the economy being the way it is. I just know that for right now, God and Pat,  have made it possible for me to spend my days with my children, loving, teaching and sharing time with them. I am a very blessed mama.