God is speaking..

December 6, 2009|11:06 pm

and I sometimes hear Him! But it often seems that I miss what He is saying. Well lately He has been unmistakably leading me to writings in His word and by many women working hard to serve Him. Over and over I am hearing words of peace and joy and love and rest. Quiet and purposeful lives. Living deliberately for Him by living life out at home. Taking more time each and every day to disciple my children. Less running. Less activities. More reading time with my children. More fun projects that won’t be rushed. More time having the four year old pull up a chair and REALLY help with the baking I am doing.  More love shared = more love returned and is there anything as precious as love of Christ reflected in the eyes of your child?

I am already changing the focus of my days. I am  still doing certain activities. I am praying that God will open my eyes and ears to what is best for my family. Our new Princess Circle seems to be a direct answer to prayer for Godly mentoring for my own daughters. I think as our community of local moms works our way through many great books, dissecting them and pulling out Godly virtues and traits we would like to emulate and have our daughters follow suite, we will grow into that community of Titus 2 women that has been so missing in recent times. Cub scouts and Boy scouts will definitely be an issue for prayer at my house. I like most things about Scouts. However; it is the only time our older boys are away from Pat and I. 

Our co-op is an area that takes much of my time. I think that the changes we are making for next year will mean I have less prep time and less stress. I think that it will be much more “doable” with the new plan for next year. With much prayer and some change I expect that maybe I’ll make more time to listen to what the Lord is saying. It always amazes me how patient He is with us!

Thanks be to God!