Multitude Monday

December 7, 2009|8:37 pm

Time for a gratitude post. I am not even sure where to start so I’ll dive in! In no particular order.. I am grateful for grandson staying put where he belongs for another day ( not due till January but giving his mom pains!).. for the smile on Peyten’s face when he plays truck with aunts and uncles… electronic services and fast mail that lets me send messages and get them from Germany and Iraq.. for laundry that waits to be folded.. and waits a bit longer because I am having fun with the children instead of cleaning house.. But then we’ll have fun with cleaning house if my attitude is right..I am grateful for libraries and books that come via inter library loan.. for friends and fun activities like dyeing wool with kool aid.. for kisses and hugs and stories to read..for a God so HUGE and merciful..For a loving husband.