January 30, 2010|9:07 pm

How is that by listening to the music that made up our lives as youth we can relive those days? Tonight while going through some mp3 files I found an old album-dating myself here- that was a top hit when I was first dating my husband thirty plus years ago. Would I want my own now 15 year old belting out those songs? No WAY!  BUT.. wow can they bring out emotions in me: that first awesome thrill as you realize you are in love. Then when one line starts to play that was playing the first time we kissed… Wow the feelings all come rushing back. Maybe if I had  dated a bunch or had other relationships that were anything other than friendships I  would have negative memories also. Stands to reason. But that isn’t the case. I hear these songs and my heart throbs the way it did back then. After 12 children (the youngest  is trying to get me to hurry so I can read him and the 7 year old a bedtime story) that is a pretty cool feeling!

Think I’ll go listen to more music after they are in bed. OR maybe I’ll see if said hubby wants to curl up on the couch and watch a good movie. Maybe Fireproof?

Good Night all!

We have become a lazy family..

January 27, 2010|8:01 am

or have we? It feels bad to stay in bed until 7 or 8 am almost everyday. Getting up at 6:15 this morning feels somehow a bit more virtuous. As if I am fulfilling some mandate that says homeschool mom’s should be up and moving early. HA the truth is that with dad home full time our schedules are just a bit different. Maybe I should just relax and enjoy the sleep. I know I enjoy the extra time at night up with the older children and Pat. Soon enough it will be time for early morning trips to work when spring comes. Then I can adjust my own schedule back to early rising. Isn’t it funny how we can have a list of should have and ought to’s in our minds that mean nothing to anyone but ourselves?

Well the coffee pot is done so think I will go enjoy a cup. Have a blessed day.

New livingroom paint!

January 25, 2010|10:01 pm

The color is Dark Sage green. It is darker than I thought we would ever choose as I usually try and please Pat in this room. He spends more time in it than I do:>). But he liked this color in the samples and we are thrilled with the results!

January pics inc livingroom 092

January pics inc livingroom 095

January pics inc livingroom 097

Isn’t my husband talented! I so appreciate his hard work.

Short Hiatus

|9:51 pm

from blogging that is. I would really love this blog to be an everyday facet of my life but then reality hits. I have been home from my dad’s for a couple of weeks now but just haven’t taken the time to blog. I keep thinking of fun posts but actually putting fingers to keyboard just hasn’t been happening.

I have been busy reading lots of blogs on simple living, sustainable living, frugal living, and healthy living. Well I guess you can tell where my thoughts have been!

I have also been working on plans for next years homeschool co-op. I am really excited about it, even though it looks like only one or two of my children will choose to participate. Since one of my homeschool goals / ideologies is to provide what each child, as an individual, needs  I guess it is worth it!

Oh and we have been making updates to the house with Pat home. Pictures of the new living room paint to follow.

I love this!

January 7, 2010|11:37 pm

My son Ben stole my blog and drastically changed it! I love it. It is better than I had dreamed it would be. I found the little fairy and had told Ben  thought she would be cute with a black background. It really is great. THANKS BEN!

Well I am still in Texas. I will be flying home on Sunday but first I get to see Matt! We will be in Dallas for the weekend and will be able to spend Saturday evening and most of Sunday with him. It is making waiting to get home worth it. I had to stay here that long anyway with the cost of flights going up so horribly this week.

I have been working on some new felted wool projects, spending lots of time playing on the computer at various homeschool sites and just really relaxing. I have also had time to read five books this week! I came down here for dad’s surgery which was postponed, and if he continues to heal, canceled completely.

I miss my family and am very eager  to get home to them. They have been busy with school and craft projects and Pat has been busy with household projects and just plain enjoying time at home with the children.

Good Night!

this site has been HI-jacked

|5:00 pm

This site has been HI-jacked. <<< HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR NEW SITE MOM!. See you soon. --Ben

Multitude Monday again

January 4, 2010|8:12 pm

I realized I need to actually start counting my multitude of blessings.

SO here I go:

#6 my husband. #7 is my children. #8 a daughter willing to spend time homeschooling her siblings while I visit with my dad. #9 a dad who keeps fighting to be healthy..even when he is tired of being sick and in pain. #10 a visit with a long time friend. # 11 my husband being laid off today. I need to work on really being thankful for this. It is cold with temps way below zero and being laid off means being home to take care of things there. It means he is home to be daddy to boys and girls who relish times spent with him. Yes, it is hard to be on limited income,  but really God provides so much for us.. we truly are blessed beyond all we need.

#13 friends. Friends who can know from the sound of your voice that you need prayer. #14 cold temps that make you thankful for the heat. #15 white chocolate mocha. #16 God’s Grace.