I love this!

January 7, 2010|11:37 pm

My son Ben stole my blog and drastically changed it! I love it. It is better than I had dreamed it would be. I found the little fairy and had told Ben  thought she would be cute with a black background. It really is great. THANKS BEN!

Well I am still in Texas. I will be flying home on Sunday but first I get to see Matt! We will be in Dallas for the weekend and will be able to spend Saturday evening and most of Sunday with him. It is making waiting to get home worth it. I had to stay here that long anyway with the cost of flights going up so horribly this week.

I have been working on some new felted wool projects, spending lots of time playing on the computer at various homeschool sites and just really relaxing. I have also had time to read five books this week! I came down here for dad’s surgery which was postponed, and if he continues to heal, canceled completely.

I miss my family and am very eager  to get home to them. They have been busy with school and craft projects and Pat has been busy with household projects and just plain enjoying time at home with the children.

Good Night!

this site has been HI-jacked

|5:00 pm

This site has been HI-jacked. <<< HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR NEW SITE MOM!. See you soon. --Ben