Pretty Frost

March 4, 2010|1:23 pm

This morning’s picture outside my window’s included a beautiful hoar frost. For those of you southerners who haven’t seen this in awhile, I had Ben snap a couple of pictures on the way out to the barn.

God's beautiful Good Morning!

God's beautiful Good Morning!

hoar frost 017

hoar frost 020

Just a few hours later all that remains is the pictures. Every time the wind blew this morning it looked like a miniature snow storm. God’s creation  fairly sings with beauty even at the end of a long snowy winter. I think it makes it easier to enjoy it though, knowing spring is just around the corner. 🙂

The meaning of Sugar on Snow..

|9:07 am

The title Sugar on Snow is from the making of Maple Syrup. When the trees were tapped  ( in MN it is just barely time to start tapping) the syrup was boiled and then to test it’s having reached soft ball stage a bit was poured over snow. This turned into a soft maple chewy candy that was shared with the children. This was usually a many family effort and often the end was celebrated by a meal and / or a barn dance.