New Birth! It’s SPRING!

March 8, 2010|5:48 pm

The first lamb of the year usually signifies the start of the Holy time of Easter to me. The celebration of our Lord, born here on earth, crucified, buried and risen again! I love this time of year! Spring and new birth. For us, through our Saviour, and for all of life through God’s great plan.

This morning our first lamb was born here on the farm. The mommy, Sweetie has always had twins before so we were surprised to hear she had only had one this year. (We were at Co-op.) Then we got home and saw this little guy! He is huge. Poor mommy sheep..

maybe 10 hours old?

maybe 10 hours old?

Sweetie nuzzles her baby.

Sweetie nuzzles her baby.

Dané will have more photos as lambs are born on her website. The link is on the right side bar.

Monday report in..

|7:43 am

Well despite fighting a cold I finished! My to do list is done and with the help of my darling husband the boys’ room is also done and Dane did the basement closet! To call this room a closet is a misnomer.. it is a room that  holds clothes for 4 children, pantry items and storage things. She even reduced four boxes of shoes, boots and ice skates down to one!

I still need to vacuum the basement rafters–especially in my bathroom and I wish I had gotten more of the lesson plans put on individual planners for the children. Instead I did the report cards for the school district ( I never finished college and Pat has a two year degree so we must report in quarterly here in MN). A good trade off in paperwork!

We are off to co-op this morning.. the van is loaded with more supplies than we have needed all year as today has a big art project and our Mixed Art journal-ling, a new afternoon class, also has a huge project today!

Have a blessed day!