Monday Monday..

May 10, 2010|7:00 am

Time is flying by so fast! already it is Monday and the second day of our History three week mini co-op. Because I spent yesterday playing up at the Sheep  and Wool Festival with several of my children I did not get the final touches ready for our group today. I am off to do that momentarily, but wanted to get down a few thoughts before that.

I had an absolutely gorgeous fun day on Mother’s Day!  A couple of the boys stayed home with Dad. The other children all came with me so I had five of various ages. I also spoke to all my He-men guys who are scattered and living with their families all over. They all called(or came by) to say Happy Mother’s Day. The younger children gave me a card as  well as some flowers for my planters. It was a wonderful day. Yet I spent a part of it feeling sad and down. Nothing horrible, nothing serious just a bit down. I realized as Pat and I talked last night that I have been coming down with a case of pity party over the last several days. I have been doubting how effective I am in life. I know my  main job is MOM and wife. I know that God wants me to work hard and intensely at that job. I love the job. I love the life.  So why do I question myself and the effectiveness of what I have done?  And NO my children! This is not a subtle push for you to reassure me. If you happen to read this. If I happen to decide to actually hit publish when I am done. (I do love the delete button).

Why as mamas do we work hard for years at a time .. Satisfied with loving our families, and loving Christ, to be pulled up short by little insidious doubts and worries?  Ahhh could it be lack of time in the Word? Surely that’s part of it. This has been a busy season of life for me. OK! that popped out easy enough in my pondering. Could it be lack of time in prayer? Most likely, as I know these thoughts don’t come from the Lord! So I need to take more time for both. Sounds easy enough, but you mamas out their know it isn’t that easy. So on this day after Mother’s day take a few minutes to pray for Mamas everywhere. We all need it.

Have a blessed week.