Summer is here..

May 19, 2010|5:44 pm

It is 80 degrees outside. The sun is shining and there are blossoms on some of the tomato plants! Summer is here!

I have been trying to walk with my friend Laurie a couple of times a week. I enjoy the walk and the talk but finding time to fit it in is difficult. Maybe I need to just start walking early in the mornings again. How do you fit time into your day to exercise?

Co-op is done for this year and we are heavily into planning for next year.  My self imposed deadline of June 1st for having plans for each class is fast approaching. Many of the other tutors are working diligently on theirs and, while I am working on mine, I seem to be going a tad bit slower than I should be. I had my heart set on basing next years history and writing on the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. However just the guides in digital format and the map and writing aids for the year came to almost $300. Not at all in our budget! So I have determined that I will sit down this week and write an outline for the class and start planning individual lessons and activities. There is a link in my sidebar to various timeline documents I have pulled together and I will be adding websites etc. as I find them. Use them if you find them useful!

Well dinner is done and I want to make it outside again while it is still gorgeous so Good Night!