a laugh for the day

June 30, 2010|8:22 pm

Isaac on stilts

|12:38 pm

Here is a picture of Isaac at the parade on Saturday night. He is standing next to Sissy who is 5″6 or 7″.

I am tired..

June 29, 2010|8:22 pm

I hate to say that..even when I am.. and I truly am tired.. in the last 6 days I have been in
South Carolina
North Carolina
That was last Thursday and Friday
and then on Monday we headed home
leaving Virginia we went to
Wisconsin and home to Minnesota!
We got in around 4:30 and I am tired. Maybe tomorrow I can tell you all the fun we had while in Virginia!
Good Night!

In Virginia

June 26, 2010|5:50 pm

I am in Virginia, I was in Alabama yesterday… fun trip.. great graduation party for my nephew Jesse. I am feeling bad because I am not home with my husband, who has a herniated disc in his back. When Pat breaks down and sees a Dr. you know the pain is bad. Please pray that he can heal quickly and that he can relax during all the enforced down times.

Isaac is at his first parade as a stilt walker!

New family photos

June 21, 2010|5:35 pm

We took these after church yesterday. I wouldn’t let anyone even think of touching the donuts we bought on the way home! Grandma took the family one and Ben took the ones of us ladies. I took the ones of the guys.

June 2010

Me and my beautiful daughters!

The handsome men who live at my house.

The way family photos usually turn out!

And yes the bribe worked. they all stood for the pictures in anticipation of the donuts!

A Modern Adventure of Two Little Boys

June 20, 2010|10:15 pm

Recently my two youngest were out back playing. Spying them in the tall grass wearing their coonskin caps and slinking around the fort and trees I called out and asked what they were playing. They answered “war”. I asked if they were Cowboys and Indians or fur trappers. ” Neither mom! Can’t you tell ?” No who are you fighting? “Mom! we are fighting the aliens.. you know the ones on Ben’s video games??” Hmm guess I am out of touch with what modern little boys battle!

the guns don't exactly match the caps. Do they?

I am not sure what he is hiding in his shirt? A Lazer?

someone might be hiding behind that Tshirt on the line!

Taking aim..

endless possibilities for hiding..

The 5 Tops Things

June 16, 2010|8:27 am

One of the blogs I have followed regularly for the last several years is here at Srittibee. Today she took time to reflect on the busyness of life and ended with the question : What are you top 5 priorities. So here goes:

1. Time with The Lord. I am not doing as well as I’d like to in this area. My heart’s cry is to dedicate more time to worship. Pat and I have discussed this and are taking steps to facilitate that.

2. Time with our family. This has been an area where changing our priorities has really enabled us to enjoy each other. We said NO to sports and almost all outside activities. We even have taken a break from Boy Scouts for the summer. We are staying home more (better on our budget in so many ways) and having homemade fun together.  my next goal is to get back to reading out loud for more than a few minutes a day.

3. Time as a husband and wife. Two and three sort of go together and I am not really sure which is a bigger priority but both are important. We have been married for thirty years and while we have had many struggles we have had support from family and the over arching belief that NOTHING is too bad that we can’t get through it together. A new friend was here yesterday and found out we lost Jamie (our son who died a week before his second birthday in 1983). She started to ask a simple question and then I think hesitated because she didn’t know if I would want to talk about it. She’ll know me better soon enough to know I love to talk about all my children! LOL! My husband is the perfect husband for me. It took us a lot of years tears and hard work to learn but it was worth every second, every tear and every drop of sweat.

4. Being there for family. NO matter what. This has led us to travel as we have tried to be there for our children and parents. It may not always be convenient but it is worth every second of knowing that those we brought into this world and those that brought us into this world will always have someone to turn to. Now with grandchildren this extends to the next generation. This doesn’t mean that I’ll always drop my plans to babysit but whenever there is a true need we will work to fill it. We also don’t  turn down to many babysitting opps either!

5. Homeschooling our younger 7. How changes on a regular basis but the why never does. So we can have young men and women who know that they serve the Lord and who know that we love them more than anything.

New look.. New address..

June 15, 2010|10:22 pm

Today is the  first day of my new domain. Ben is getting so involved in web design and now he plans to go to college for web design.. so we decided we needed space for him to play. We will also move Dané’s site and blog to this space soon. We have about a 1000 times the space we had on her old one and I was getting so many blog readers that Ben’s home built server was bogging down!

He said he would leave a link to this blog up for awhile so hopefully you found me. Remember to add this to your favorites or to subscribe through the RSS feed to receive updates.

Have an awesome night!

June 13th.

June 14, 2010|9:03 pm

Yesterday , June 13 th was our thirtieth wedding Anniversary. It was an ordinary day and yet was an extraordinary day. We celebrated our love and family. We went out for breakfast together and then ran errands. Everyday, ordinary stuff. Made special by the fact that we enjoy being together. Later we had as many family as wanted to come stop by for dinner. Yummy steaks and chicken on the BBQ. The younger children made us cards :>). The older ones banded together to give us a night out in a hotel. Something we have been trying to do for a long time.  It looks like we may even get to go do that next weekend. The anticipation is half the fun!

My in laws gave us a dozen roses. My mother in love even tried to make it twelve different kinds of roses. One as unique as each of our children and yet also the same.  Here is a great picture of the roses in all their glory.

Isn't this an aweome diplay of the beauty God creates?

Isn't this an aweome diplay of the beauty God creates?

From a different angle.

From a different angle.

I am so grateful that God chose Pat for me.

Fun stuff on blogs..

June 11, 2010|3:23 pm

I love the blogs.. I think they are an off shoot of Simple Women’s daybook? .. that have a bunch of different lines you complete. So here is my version:

Outside my window… everything is sooooo green! Almost two more inches of rain last night!

I am thinking… my friend Michelle and her family will be here any moment.

I am thankful for… all of the amazing ladies that I have met through during my years of homeschooling. My co-op buddies are the best!

From the learning rooms… we are still cleaning and purging and organizing. I am also anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new curricula order.

From the kitchen… I will soon smell spaghetti.. it’s a good meal when there will be 18 to 20 for dinner.

I am creating… a mosaic table for my deck.

I am going… to have a wonderul weekedn with friends and on Sunday Pat and I celebrate our 30th wedding Anniversary!

I am reading… a book for fun.. Dee Henderson’s The Guardian. (again) and a book educational purposes, A Patriot’s History of the United States.

I am hoping… to finish all of the co-op planning next week!

I am hearing… The children having fun with moies , games and two of the big kids.. Dané and Ben mock fighting over her blog.

Around the house… almost all the housework is done in anticipation of the visitors coming for the weekend.

One of my favorite things… is watching the kids run through the water in the summer. It was finally warm enough yesterday.

A few plans for the rest of the week include… finishing up our school year.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

Babies outside the window.

Babies outside the window.