The 5 Tops Things

June 16, 2010|8:27 am

One of the blogs I have followed regularly for the last several years is here at Srittibee. Today she took time to reflect on the busyness of life and ended with the question : What are you top 5 priorities. So here goes:

1. Time with The Lord. I am not doing as well as I’d like to in this area. My heart’s cry is to dedicate more time to worship. Pat and I have discussed this and are taking steps to facilitate that.

2. Time with our family. This has been an area where changing our priorities has really enabled us to enjoy each other. We said NO to sports and almost all outside activities. We even have taken a break from Boy Scouts for the summer. We are staying home more (better on our budget in so many ways) and having homemade fun together.  my next goal is to get back to reading out loud for more than a few minutes a day.

3. Time as a husband and wife. Two and three sort of go together and I am not really sure which is a bigger priority but both are important. We have been married for thirty years and while we have had many struggles we have had support from family and the over arching belief that NOTHING is too bad that we can’t get through it together. A new friend was here yesterday and found out we lost Jamie (our son who died a week before his second birthday in 1983). She started to ask a simple question and then I think hesitated because she didn’t know if I would want to talk about it. She’ll know me better soon enough to know I love to talk about all my children! LOL! My husband is the perfect husband for me. It took us a lot of years tears and hard work to learn but it was worth every second, every tear and every drop of sweat.

4. Being there for family. NO matter what. This has led us to travel as we have tried to be there for our children and parents. It may not always be convenient but it is worth every second of knowing that those we brought into this world and those that brought us into this world will always have someone to turn to. Now with grandchildren this extends to the next generation. This doesn’t mean that I’ll always drop my plans to babysit but whenever there is a true need we will work to fill it. We also don’t  turn down to many babysitting opps either!

5. Homeschooling our younger 7. How changes on a regular basis but the why never does. So we can have young men and women who know that they serve the Lord and who know that we love them more than anything.