Molly and McGee

August 5, 2010|7:41 am

Many of you commented that you had fun watching Molly and McGee on owl TV last spring. Well she has hatched another little owlet and the fun is back.

Molly and McGee


Natural science fun at it’s best. Nature notebooking, Art, and science all rolled into a fun family entertainment time. Charlotte Mason says hours out of doors observing nature is the best possible thing for children’s education. However; she lived in England. 104 degree heat indexes and the world’s worst year I ever remember for mosquitoes make indoor nature study this mama’s cup of tea!

Pictures of my Texas Visit.

August 4, 2010|2:03 pm

I spent five days in Texas last week visiting my son Dave and grandson Paul. It was an enjoyable break from the ninety miles an hour full speed ahead school and co-op planning I have been doing. It was so much fun to see the guys and visit their new house! We even spent an afternoon evening out at a local lake. Dave’s friend John loaned him his pontoon. It was a nice sunny hot day so we enjoyed the water, music and something cold to drink.

Here is a picture tour of Dave’s house and some of the lake:

july photos some tx 184

A rainbow Tessi and I saw on the way to Texas.july photos some tx 185 

july photos some tx 191Isn’t this just beautiful? Definitely a sign of God’s  promise to us!


july photos some tx 206 First we see dave and his buddy Ace in the Man cave. Dave did some up keep and added features to one of  loves of his life.. his bike.


july photos some tx 205 Relaxing after work one evening.. this was after he had returned to work. The next picture is the before shot. He looked a little less clean cut the day before he had to return to work!

july photos some tx 196


Now.. on to pictures of Dave and Paul’s place..


july photos some tx 208 The livingroom as Paul demonstrates his amazing skills on Rock band!


texas 2 001 A view of their Kitchen and outer hall. Pantry on one side and laundry center on the other.


texas 2 011 Kitchen from edge of master bedroom side.

texas 2 002 Front entry.

texas 2 012 Paul’s room. What is it with boys and unmade beds??


texas 2 005 Guest bedroom. There is a 4 part Jack and Jill

bathroom between Paul’s room and the guest room. The office  is next to Paul’s room.

texas 2 007 You cannot see it but there is a big corner unit with Paul’s computer to the right behind the door.

Somehow I missed taking pictures of the yard and back patio. It is lovely, fenced in for the dogs. The dogs even have their own doggie door so they go in and out at will.

Oh almost missed the doggie pictures. Here goes..

First we have Dave’s lady, Bella.

july photos some tx 200


july photos some tx 203 and then we have Joe, or Jo Jo or Jose or well you get the picture..

july photos some tx 199


I’ll post lake pictures in the next post!