Cute Baby Picture

September 23, 2010|11:40 pm

cutest William!

More homeschool stuff

September 22, 2010|9:31 pm

I know that many in my extended family come here to read and catch up on family life. Lately my blog has been either super quiet or filled with the busy life of a homeschooling family. So sorry but here we go again!

Last night I attended a wonderful event here in Mankato. It is so rare to have something in this area and so to have one now and another one coming up in November is cause for rejoicing!


Diana Waring, an excellent, writer and speaker did a three hour class on learning modalities and then History via the Scenic Route. I love listening to her. Even though I have read my way many times through all three of her homeschool encouragement books! I know..that I know.. that I know I many of the points she made about teaching to our children’s strengths BUT I still walk away with new thoughts on how to do that. Last night was no different. I am excited to rethink some of my plans for the year!

Co-op went well this week and I think that God has blessed me with a new vision on organizing myself as a teacher. Today I put some of those plans into action and I also found time to get in some homeschool with my own children. Who had the bright idea that a co-op that offered things that I would never teach was a good idea? Really? A 10 year old daughter taking Shakespeare?! and a 12 year in speech And they think I can help with their assignments. HMM who is being schooled?

For more info on Diana, her curriculum and talks go to this website.

I am very grateful for the homeschool mom who took the time to organize this event and for Diana and her husband for traveling here!



Molly and McGee the owl family for my class!

September 20, 2010|4:57 pm

OK Nature notebookers.. here is the link to the owl family blog. Can you add the babies to your notebooks?  Visitors to my blog have seen this before but these are the newest babies.

Careful! Watching these guys can get addictive. Just click on the arrow if it doesn’t appear.

Thanks all! I can tell this is going to be a fun class.


September 18, 2010|5:35 pm

Pat got rained out on his job site and so was able to come home for a night. He got here around 4 o’clock his afternoon and is already outside with the boys working on his mom’s garage. He also hopes to get Dané’s roof coated before he leaves at 6 tomorrow evening. He and I will get a chance to have some time to really visit tonight as he needs to run drop off paperwork at the shop. I’ll ride with him so we can chat about the week:)

Big brother Nick took Jeff and Isaac duck hunting today for the annual Youth Hunt. Jeffrey got two and Isaac brought home one. A successful morning all in all!

Gratitude Monday on a Wednesday

September 15, 2010|7:29 am

I realized that in neglecting my blog I have seriously neglected my time counting my blessings. Several of the blogs I love to read (really need to figure out that feed bar thing) have a regular post on Mondays listing and counting all the things they are grateful for.

My list for the day:


the right to homeschool

that God brought us to the place where we felt we had to homeschool.

A God who continuously reminds me that He is to be my all in all and for His Grace which let’s me start all over each new day.

Coffee at 5:30 am when you are awakened to a sick dog (Lilly) and a scared of the thunderstorm dog (Misty). Waiting for the vet to open in a couple of minutes to see if they can fit Lilly in to check for an ear infection.

That somehow this week I realized it is ok to NOT use all those scrapbook supplies for scrapping when they are being consumed so handily by children with homeschool projects! I have really not scrapped much since my mom died. She may have enjoyed the scrap book shopping more than she enjoyed the scrapping but she always got excited over my pages.

My local homeschool co-op parents.

Blessings and prayers on this cool wet Wednesday in September. OH that’s another blessing ! I love fall and  55 degree temperatures!

Start of Co-op and other things..

September 14, 2010|11:17 pm

Well yesterday was the first day of our co-op. It seemed to be, as one mom put it, mass chaos that went really really well. We had a great turn out. Two families were missing due to various reasons but everyone else was there to kick off an exciting year. I even received several emails last night and today with lovely things to say about our first day. A couple of them had good criticism of things that needed to be brought to my attention.

I am also excited to report that by the first of the year we should have a team formed to work on taking over for next year! Several people have stepped into place to form a leadership team that will be taking over the logistics of many areas yet this year. I had really tried to set up a team this past year but ended up just doing things to make them happen. Now that they are happening and people can see the vision, I think that we will have many active hands. Exactly what a co-op should be. I had said several times that I wanted to work myself out of a job by the end of this year and by George, I think it may come true!

One friend asked if I could truly let go (ok so she knows I am a bit of a control freak) or at least share some of the control. I think I will be fine as this all seems to be happening in God’s time. Each time I get to the point where I think I am accomplishing what He wants and am doing His will in this area and all will be well I am reminded that I should do what He has directed me to do now and not worry about tomorrow.

On that note.. my tomorrows are a bit lonelier as my best friend  hubby has been sent to Iowa to work. Down by Denison, about 4 hours from here. He said tonight that it sounds like they won’t work on Sundays so he will come home for Saturday nights and go back on Sunday evening. We are grateful for the work but we will miss him!

Better get to bed as we have a full day of school, play, housework, and crafting planned. I meant to write this post much earlier but my two grandsons came to play!

How to make a Tongue!

September 8, 2010|6:45 am

The alternate title to this post could be How to Make People Laugh! In the last couple of days weeks many people have asked about my to do list as we get ready for this adventure called a homeschool co-op. Always somewhere on this ever revolving list has been -make a model tongue. This is a tongue we need wanted for our two Anatomy classes. For some reason this task intimidated me! Most likely because even though the Lord cured me of perfectionism about 8 children ago, it still raises it’s ugly head. Well on Monday I took the plunge and started on the the dreaded tongue.

I used the directions in Body: Make it Work . They looked easy enough. I substituted a soft foam instead of the polystyrene called for to cut my costs in half. I spent about $5 on that and two .67 jars of really pink paint. A large container of colored tack from Office Max completed my purchases. Grandma donated a piece of bubble wrap and I pulled glue out of the cupboard.

I tried several different knives and craft knives and scissors. Ben helped me. No matter what I did, it still looked very rough.

Tongue 026

At one point I caught a glance of it out of the corner of my eye as it sat waiting for the next step. For a split second I wondered why there was a fuzzy toilet seat on my table!

Well on the the next step: The LIBERAL application of Pink paint!

Tongue 037

Here you see it after a coat of pink. A coating of glue and added bubble wrap (after I convinced Jonathan he couldn’t pop the bubbles). Then a last coating of paint. I could have gotten by with only one bottle of the paint but two made it easy to apply liberally because after all, how many things am I EVER going to use that bright of pink for?

After all has dried add four different colors of thumb tacks in the shape of taste buds and Viola! A Tongue!

tongue2 003

tongue2 008

And that is How To Make a Tongue! bet it made you laugh!


September 5, 2010|10:34 pm

OK so I know it isn’t the New Year. BUT it is a new school year so I am going to let that count.

I keep saying I will find my blog again when..

i get school done

or all the co-op items are made

or I get the house routines going

the pickles are made

the apples are canned





It is time for me to make time for something I so enjoy. I have a new grandson and I haven’t even posted his picture!

so here is William Alexander Hiniker:

47320_469362070518_533920518_7074823_8144746_n and of course his proud daddy and loving siblings,  Kadence and Ryne. Incredibly mama took the picture.

She is of course recovering in a way  that would make lesser women hate her. A week after birthing her third child in less than four years she has recovered her figure and looks amazing!


I Love my children and grandchildren. God has blessed us beyond anything we could imagine!


I had two of my grandsons here today and I FORGOT  was too busy playing to take pictures of them!