How to make a Tongue!

September 8, 2010|6:45 am

The alternate title to this post could be How to Make People Laugh! In the last couple of days weeks many people have asked about my to do list as we get ready for this adventure called a homeschool co-op. Always somewhere on this ever revolving list has been -make a model tongue. This is a tongue we need wanted for our two Anatomy classes. For some reason this task intimidated me! Most likely because even though the Lord cured me of perfectionism about 8 children ago, it still raises it’s ugly head. Well on Monday I took the plunge and started on the the dreaded tongue.

I used the directions in Body: Make it Work . They looked easy enough. I substituted a soft foam instead of the polystyrene called for to cut my costs in half. I spent about $5 on that and two .67 jars of really pink paint. A large container of colored tack from Office Max completed my purchases. Grandma donated a piece of bubble wrap and I pulled glue out of the cupboard.

I tried several different knives and craft knives and scissors. Ben helped me. No matter what I did, it still looked very rough.

Tongue 026

At one point I caught a glance of it out of the corner of my eye as it sat waiting for the next step. For a split second I wondered why there was a fuzzy toilet seat on my table!

Well on the the next step: The LIBERAL application of Pink paint!

Tongue 037

Here you see it after a coat of pink. A coating of glue and added bubble wrap (after I convinced Jonathan he couldn’t pop the bubbles). Then a last coating of paint. I could have gotten by with only one bottle of the paint but two made it easy to apply liberally because after all, how many things am I EVER going to use that bright of pink for?

After all has dried add four different colors of thumb tacks in the shape of taste buds and Viola! A Tongue!

tongue2 003

tongue2 008

And that is How To Make a Tongue! bet it made you laugh!