Gratitude Monday on a Wednesday

September 15, 2010|7:29 am

I realized that in neglecting my blog I have seriously neglected my time counting my blessings. Several of the blogs I love to read (really need to figure out that feed bar thing) have a regular post on Mondays listing and counting all the things they are grateful for.

My list for the day:


the right to homeschool

that God brought us to the place where we felt we had to homeschool.

A God who continuously reminds me that He is to be my all in all and for His Grace which let’s me start all over each new day.

Coffee at 5:30 am when you are awakened to a sick dog (Lilly) and a scared of the thunderstorm dog (Misty). Waiting for the vet to open in a couple of minutes to see if they can fit Lilly in to check for an ear infection.

That somehow this week I realized it is ok to NOT use all those scrapbook supplies for scrapping when they are being consumed so handily by children with homeschool projects! I have really not scrapped much since my mom died. She may have enjoyed the scrap book shopping more than she enjoyed the scrapping but she always got excited over my pages.

My local homeschool co-op parents.

Blessings and prayers on this cool wet Wednesday in September. OH that’s another blessing ! I love fall and  55 degree temperatures!