More homeschool stuff

September 22, 2010|9:31 pm

I know that many in my extended family come here to read and catch up on family life. Lately my blog has been either super quiet or filled with the busy life of a homeschooling family. So sorry but here we go again!

Last night I attended a wonderful event here in Mankato. It is so rare to have something in this area and so to have one now and another one coming up in November is cause for rejoicing!


Diana Waring, an excellent, writer and speaker did a three hour class on learning modalities and then History via the Scenic Route. I love listening to her. Even though I have read my way many times through all three of her homeschool encouragement books! I know..that I know.. that I know I many of the points she made about teaching to our children’s strengths BUT I still walk away with new thoughts on how to do that. Last night was no different. I am excited to rethink some of my plans for the year!

Co-op went well this week and I think that God has blessed me with a new vision on organizing myself as a teacher. Today I put some of those plans into action and I also found time to get in some homeschool with my own children. Who had the bright idea that a co-op that offered things that I would never teach was a good idea? Really? A 10 year old daughter taking Shakespeare?! and a 12 year in speech And they think I can help with their assignments. HMM who is being schooled?

For more info on Diana, her curriculum and talks go to this website.

I am very grateful for the homeschool mom who took the time to organize this event and for Diana and her husband for traveling here!