Christmas is when???

October 19, 2010|11:18 pm

Here it is: the official Christmas Clock. are you ready for Christmas?

I am not but I am working on it. Nick and Camilla may have to install a bigger sand pile when they see what I got the boys for Christmas! Matt and Monica just need to buy ear plugs for Ryne’s gift. Oh wait! I’ll put them in their Christmas stocking!

Let the fun begin!

BTW- the first Black Friday ads are now being “leaked”.


October 18, 2010|8:33 pm

Matt and Monica surprised us from Germany! Now no matter how hard I try I cannot get these two to understand that even though I LOVE the fact that they came home  I would have loved it 1000 times more if I had had a days notice. Most people enjoy surprises.. I am not one of them.

Not sure why just always been that way. I can usually roll with about anything but it took me about 24 hours to recover my equilibrium.. NOW I can enjoy the fact that my beloved children and grandchildren are here. I do know they went to considerable trouble, travail and expense to get here and surprise us while also surprising there Grandpa and Grandma on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Life is at that point where things should slow down and we can really enjoy their visit. I hope to take a ton of pictures… haven’t even had my camera out since they got here!

If life doesn’t slow down now and after their visit I will take things into my own hands and S-L-O-W life down!