Regular life but a great day.

April 30, 2011|12:25 am

Today started with the sadness of a calf dying. But after taking care of it and getting the rest of the animals taken care it was off to the MN Horse Expo with my girls and Jeffrey.

What a fun relaxed day! We had another friend (also horse crazy ) attend with us so the four children, Dané and I made a full day of it. We made pie in the sky wish lists of the types of horses we would love to have in our barn. Oohhed and ahhed at pretty tack and cute little horse carts. Watched the Parade of Breeds from start to finish. Found out that a community college not too far from here has a potential program for the middle horsy girl and just had an all around fun time. God has blessed me !

I am so grateful to Ben and Isaac for holding down the fort with our little guys and the grandsons!