Peaches revisited.

July 27, 2011|11:11 pm

Well I decided to get a head start on tomorrow so I have about eight quarts of peaches simmering on the stove. I will simmer them for another half hour or so then I will add a bit more lemon juice and throw them in the fridge over night. Tomorrow I will zap them in the blender and add the pectin and sugar so we have more preserves.

Going to read for a bit while it simmers and then get myself off to bed.

New faces to homeschooling

|3:12 pm

I’d like to say hello to a couple of brand new homeschoolers who contacted me after I posted my blog in reference to a Tapestry of Grace question on the local MAHE group. It seems like I have had more new homeschoolers contacts this year than ever before. I am excited to see what is going on with all these changes being brought about.

I just wanted to say a warm “welcome and let me know if I can help in any way”. I truly have so many resources that I always welcome them going from my shelves to someone elses for awhile! Eventually they end up coming home and then they get sent off to bless someone else. I once tried donating a bunch of them to the local library but was warned they would only keep one or two popular requests in stock and the rest would end up on the $1.00 sale for friends of the Library.

New look of blog

July 25, 2011|9:01 pm

What do you think? I like it. I asked my at home geek if he would find me a summery theme. I figured that even if it is my least favorite season I should embrace the fact that it is a growing season.

That means delicious fresh foods. MMMMMMMMM. The sight of all those frozen bags of peaches and jars of peach preserves made me go a little crazy and I bought 65 more pounds of peaches. Sometime in the next 48 hours those boxes of peaches need to turn into the preserves and frozen- for- winter- bags they need to be to survive the heat of the summer. I know I’ll be happy we went to the work come January!

What’s your favorite season?

Another Life this week blog post.

July 24, 2011|9:14 pm

In my life this week…. having Pat come home was a high light!
In our homeschool this week… working on co-op. Had a family who was teaching drop. Time to re arrange!
My favorite thing this week was…Shopping with my beautiful girls on Monday! I do need to put up a post about all the fun!
What’s working/not working for us…having daddy home for the weekend was a real blessing.  This was his first trip home since the Father’s day week when he was off because of rain.
I’m reading…the Moody Family series to the younger children and various education books for myself and a new series I found on our shopping day. Laura Hayden is the Author
I’m praying for….the looming week (s?) ahead with Pat gone. That I can handle things without getting upset and dumping on him while he is so far away.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

The Girls and I at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Stillwater area on our Monday trip:

from danes cam shopping trip 010

Awesome Movie!

July 23, 2011|10:21 pm

Tonight my hubby took me to a great movie. Larry Crowne. On a previous blog post I showed a video of Tom Hanks pulling a prank on Julia Roberts. Tonight we went to the movie they were filming at the time. Fun movie.. a couple of swear words and a blazing kiss and a shot of Tom in his tidy whiteys is about as bad as it got. The rest was just pure fun.  Stone Cold creamery ice cream and a barefoot run in the rain. Perfect date night.

Summer time Summer time Summer time!

|12:27 pm

and the smell of fresh peaches. So Nummy!

Take 60 pounds of peaches minus the amount the children can eat in the day and a half that they sat here. Add in one mama and three girls. Results= 21 bags of frozen peaches in the freezer and 3 and a half jars of peach preserves. Like I said NUMMY! Didn’t take too long either  I’ll try and post a picture or two later.

Funniest video about knitting!

July 22, 2011|1:53 pm

Ok all I have to say is this is awesome and Tom Hanks has a devious mind!

Knitting prank is found here. Julia Roberts laugh is so contagious.

MN Homeschooling

|9:58 am

just got a bit easier. Less nonsense paperwork that no one will ever read.  These are the changes as they were passed. Call and thank your government reps!


As part of the budget agreement, Governor Dayton signed into law a revised version of the 2011 Education Omnibus bill. Several of the provisions in this bill affect homeschooling in Minnesota. Changes to current law include the following:

  • Report cards are no longer required. Parents without a college degree are no longer required to submit quarterly report cards.
  • Limited yearly reporting. Homeschool families are required to submit a full compulsory attendance form one time: this will include instructional calendar, etc. After initial paperwork is filed, an annual letter indicating intent to continue homeschooling (and annual test choice) fulfills the reporting requirement. If you move or change school districts, this will require a full report.
  • Revocation of superintendent’s rights. The superintendent can no longer request a visit or to see homeschool materials/curriculum in lieu of said visit. While these materials can still be requested in criminal cases concerning child neglect, they must be made by the county attorney, not the superintendent.
  • Changes to annual testing requirement. Families must know – and indicate – which test they will be using in their annual letter. “To be determined” is no longer an acceptable response.
  • Homeschoolers seeking Driver’s Ed will no longer go through their school. Instead, the Department of Public Safety will have a form available for students to verify their homeschool status.

Quilting day..

July 16, 2011|11:33 pm

As I was re reading my last blog and talking about the quilt I’d like to do someday,I realized I haven’t shared here about my daughters’ quilts. Bethany and Dané were attending the 4H quilt club meetings this year before we decided that 4H was something that just had to go for my sanity. They started making quilts with many different blocks. Dané declared today quilt day and spent the morning at her house working on blocks. Bethany went over for awhile but soon quit. Then they decided to work over here in the kitchen where the new air conditioner is keeping it an wonderfully cool. They are of course, all done for the night and off to bed but have their stuff all set up hoping to get in a few more hours tomorrow.

quilting 008

This is what the breakfast nook looks like right now.

quilting 007

This was earlier in the day as they were both hard at work.

quilting 001

Some of Dané’s blocks all laid out. I am sure she will post more pictures on her blog soon. Seeing the beautiful quilts these two are making is what inspired me to buy my own fabric earlier today.

Ran to Jo Anne’s Fabric tonight

|11:20 pm

and bought the fabric for my first ever quilt. It may be a while before I actually get to it as I am not even sure what pattern I am going to use. It is a wide range of fun patriotic fabrics that are just right up my even has moose on it! could  that be any more me? I’ll need to add in some solids later on but couldn’t pass the deal on this fabric up. They were 50% off and I had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon.

Oh and I also picked up some cool yarn on a REALLY great clearance. Enough to make a 00000000 for 000000 for Christmas! Info withheld for the obvious reason that some of my children read this blog on a regular basis!

Todays CM party was a bust with all of her guests cancelling but we had a great visit and fun afternoon anyway. I did get  started organizing photos to give to my mom in love for her birthday on Tuesday. I can safely say that as she rarely reads this blog.