On another note..

July 15, 2011|9:34 pm

I have searched the world over..OK the internet and local stores and homeschool conferences..

for an excellent planner..ok one that just works will suffice!

and I found it! At least I am fairly certain I have. My friend Steph has told me over and over how much she loves her Well Planned Day calendar. I finally took the plunge and bought mine. I am cheap frugal so I bought the PDF version to avoid shipping and make sure I really liked it. Well it is printed, comb bound and already being used. I love that the Westminster Catechism is scheduled weekly, at a glance. all typed out for us to practice ! I also think it is the best laid out two page spread for a week style I have EVER seen. I’ll let you know how it goes as I continue to track and organize.

Just all around frustrations

|9:21 pm

Nothing major.. picnic we are all working on and looking forward to postponed.. Pat calls and can’t come home again this weekend…decide to go to a movie….Winnie the Pooh.. rush around returning 12 bags of Hot Dog Buns and 7 bags of Hamburger Buns……get back.. grab a hot dog straight out of the pan… run out the door.. and the car gives up.. did I mention that even though we got the main problem fixed that the starter or alternator is going?..ummm excuse me… GONE. Cancel plans to go to town…. my brother calls.. lets go grab a bite or coffee.. OK.. then calls back.. needs to cancel… so I run some photos to town to print… machine breaks down.. sorry but could I pick them up tomorrow? Sure.. come home… cleaned a shelf Whooo Hooo.. success.. 

Hope your having a great day! and no that was not sarcastic. I truly mean it.

Picnic cancelled

|3:00 pm

I am so sad. I worked so hard getting ready.. but it is all planned out now so when he hold it in August we will be ready for lots of fun. Maybe time for a movie tonight with the lightning and thunder hitting all around us.

Forgot to mention..

July 14, 2011|9:42 pm

I am so excited about Ladies Day! My  beautiful daughters and I are headed to the Twin Cities on Monday. A day of books, crafts and yarn stores. breakfast with a friend and some or all of her daughters? I feel like I am planning a week long vacation !

Still working on steps 1 and 2

|9:39 pm

Praying and Prioritizing.. making plans and submitting them to the Lord. Taking ‘em back and having to do it all over again. I am making progress. I a m m a k I n g progress….. it is maybe slower than I like…. (that might be age) or it just might be meeting other people’s needs. Something I pray the Lord will let me do with a right heart and strong desire of servant-hood.  Whatever the reason, I need to to rejoice in the fact that progress has forward momentum.

One of the projects on my to do list was to create the workbooks I envisioned for my children for Tapestry of Grace. Marcia Somerville, author of TOG suggests making the books as you go and having the children put finished pages in a three ring binder and I really want to be successful with this curricula so I REALLY had planned on following her advice. Then HELLOO!!! Reality check: I lead a VERY BUSY LIFE.  I am often side tracked by family, friends, co-op, a great book.. well you get the idea. So back to the original plans:

tog notebooks 015 

First I made a book with the work pages and some of the evaluation sheets that I intend to use as research assistant sheets. I really like Year ones evaluations at the upper grammar and dialectic level for this. My children will know what information they are to be looking for as they look at the sheets. I also included the notes to students at the front of each weeks section. I put all 36 weeks in one book. While I usually like to comb bind here at home I felt that the spiral binding from Office Max with plastic covers front and back would be a good way to spend my $$.


Then I created a geography book with all of our maps for the entire year. Yes, we may not get them all done but how much better is it to be prepared and not use them?



tog notebooks 023

Now that that project is done I am on to the next one: finish the year book for our Co-op by tomorrow nights picnic. Say a prayer I get this done! I do not want disappointed children.

Check back this weekend for a post on the picnic… I hope to do a few fun things with the children.

Many of you know

July 12, 2011|9:52 pm

That I have started a new adventure and  while I wouldn’t normally use this space to chat about sales stuff tonight I am indulging myself.
Here is the deal: I started a Creative memories Photo solution business this past month in hopes of bringing in a few more dollars while following my scrap booking passion.  I actually made the top THREE in  sales for our unit and as I am attending the National convention in August my boss just challenged me to double that so I can attend a special breakfast during the convention. Since there is double hostess credits for the rest of this month it is a win win scenario! The first three people who call me to tell me they would like to hold a fun one hour long get together  (held before July 29th) will earn double hostess $$ and an extra special gift from me!

Some of you know the background: I swore I would never sell CM. I always thought they made it sound as if they had the only reliable and safe scrapbooking supplies. I got invited to a Photo Solutions party and watched a short video on improving my picture taking skills. Well I loved it and then I did some research into their digital products and I was hooked! I love the programs and many ways of truly making the most of my photos.  I can’t wait to really start producing beautiful digital scrapbooks! Like the ones here on my site.

Then I had a friend suggest I get back into regular scrapbooking and share faithbooking. Oh! I had forgotten the sheer joy in scrapbooking my favorite verses or the ones God has been sharing with me. Just doodling some of these pages has made me look deeper at what God is saying~ whispering~ to me. I am hoping too make this a weekly event at my house .. just taking a few minutes to put together a fun page from the Lord. I also hope to maybe hold a workshop or two here at my house to share with friends how to use their creativity to remember what God is speaking to them about.

OK Can you tell I am excited? I’ll quit for now!

BTW- If you have made it this far..( wow Thanks for sticking with me!) I will also share my relief at having decided to add an air conditioner to our life. Pat is hoping to come home this week and wire the electric for the air conditioner I am supposed to go buy tomorrow! Since the extended forecast is for 90’s with high humidity relief is in sight!

Step 2.. prioritize

July 7, 2011|9:07 am

pri·or·i·tize (pr-ôr-tz, –r-)

v. pri·or·i·tized, pri·or·i·tiz·ing, pri·or·i·tiz·es


To arrange or deal with in order of importance.


To put things in order of importance:

according to freedictionaryonline.com


I am already set on most of my curriculum for the year. I have bought my year plan from Tapestry of Grace and gathered my books. TOG includes history, geography and fine arts. As we are doing year one there is enough bible to award a separate high school credit for that. Because math was a huge priority for us last year that is already in place and the children have been making steady progress so no decision making there.

This year our focus is on writing. Structure, grammar, essay and creative anything under the heading of mechanics of writing. There is a fair amount of writing in TOG and we will do a bunch of that but I also want to make sure we are making progress in the basics of structure, usage and styles of writing. I have at least one child who is writing a story that could be turned into a novel and have played with the idea of getting The One Year Adventure Novel. Expensive program but with what is included looks like it could be a fair value and the reviews I have found really stress the learning that has taken place.  I also need to decide if I am also going to use a grammar program for all or any. Spelling is definitely a necessity for a couple of the children also!

I need to keep in mind what classes the children are taking at co-op this year and leave enough time for them to complete those assignments, too. Last year they fit it in willy- nilly and I would like a bit more structure to their work times. Isaac will really need it as he has at least three high school level courses that will have follow up work at home to be considered a course. The homeschool mama that runs the book club that Jeffrey and Isaac are in is offering a high school level Lit and later this year an advanced speech. Logic and an IEW based Fix-it grammar and poetry class are looking very interesting too.

So today’s assignments for myself.. continue to pray and list all curriculum available for each child for each subject I would like them to cover.


* if your curious why I am blogging about the steps of my planning. I was given a challenge to make my blog better by 1) using it to write about what is important to me each day and use it as a springboard to accomplish my to-dos. and 2) to complete a 31 posts in 31 days blog challenge. So all the little lists and thoughts that I would normally scrawl on note paper as I process things while talking with friends and family are being jotted down here. If someday they help another mama plan out the steps that is an added bonus!

How do you…

July 6, 2011|11:25 am

make the plans fit. I am a fairly organized person. I have many people tell me they have no idea how I fit so much into my days. I am asked how I plan my schedule on a regular basis. Yet, here I sit… piles of school projects in front of me….computer loaded with open tabs of various curricula… wondering again.. HOW DO I MAKE IT ALL FIT?

I know the answer is here. It is lurking just beyond my grasp. I need to apply the steps in a logical sequence.

OK step one: PRAY.

Pray about what God would have me do. What He would have each child do. Pray and then listen. Listen again and pray more! OK That is todays assignment for myself.

17 Pray without ceasing. 18 In every thing give thanks : for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 19 Quench not the Spirit.


1 Thessalonians 5:17-20

How is school planning go for those of you who homeschool?

Life this week..

July 4, 2011|7:31 pm

In my life this week…. a broken down car is really frustrating!.
In our homeschool this week… printing printing printing!
My favorite thing this week was…reading a book with my children.
What’s working/not working for us…having daddy home for the weekend was a real blessing.
I’m reading…the Moody Family series to the younger children and various education books for myself and a Catherine Coulter novel for fun. Note  I finished the Coulter book and we are on book 2 in the Moody series.
I’m praying for….wisdom in decision making for our co-op.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…Tapestry of Grace

Happy 4th of July!

|6:16 pm

May your independence day be a true celebration of our Freedom! Because we all know freedom isn’t free! It comes with a steep price for many families.