On another note..

July 15, 2011|9:34 pm

I have searched the world over..OK the internet and local stores and homeschool conferences..

for an excellent planner..ok one that just works will suffice!

and I found it! At least I am fairly certain I have. My friend Steph has told me over and over how much she loves her Well Planned Day calendar. I finally took the plunge and bought mine. I am cheap frugal so I bought the PDF version to avoid shipping and make sure I really liked it. Well it is printed, comb bound and already being used. I love that the Westminster Catechism is scheduled weekly, at a glance. all typed out for us to practice ! I also think it is the best laid out two page spread for a week style I have EVER seen. I’ll let you know how it goes as I continue to track and organize.

Just all around frustrations

|9:21 pm

Nothing major.. picnic we are all working on and looking forward to postponed.. Pat calls and can’t come home again this weekend…decide to go to a movie….Winnie the Pooh.. rush around returning 12 bags of Hot Dog Buns and 7 bags of Hamburger Buns……get back.. grab a hot dog straight out of the pan… run out the door.. and the car gives up.. did I mention that even though we got the main problem fixed that the starter or alternator is going?..ummm excuse me… GONE. Cancel plans to go to town…. my brother calls.. lets go grab a bite or coffee.. OK.. then calls back.. needs to cancel… so I run some photos to town to print… machine breaks down.. sorry but could I pick them up tomorrow? Sure.. come home… cleaned a shelf Whooo Hooo.. success.. 

Hope your having a great day! and no that was not sarcastic. I truly mean it.

Picnic cancelled

|3:00 pm

I am so sad. I worked so hard getting ready.. but it is all planned out now so when he hold it in August we will be ready for lots of fun. Maybe time for a movie tonight with the lightning and thunder hitting all around us.