Doing a blog cruise…

August 8, 2011|7:27 am

this morning. Hubby had to leave town for the week bright and early. So after saying good bye and getting my first cup of coffee in I had time to play online. Seems like most everyone I read has back to school on the brain. I read posts from unschoolers, unit study moms and classical schoolers. I questioned some of the ones that show a full page of curricula per student! ? ! (I am an overplanner and I don’t take a full page per student to list what they will be using this year!) I enjoy the unschoolers who manage to flow from one thing to the next with no worries about what their children will eventually have for skills. I remember the excitement of planning and having unit studies come together for all my children with fondness. Now I enjoy writing and planning units for my younger children via the co-op we are involved in. This years Rainforest class has me even a bit excited about studying the bugs in that area.. now that is an achievement of epic proportion! all in all I enjoyed my time of roaming the net this morning and managed not to do any much homeschool comparison!

I think it is time for me to do a follow up post on the goal setting and planning sessions I wrote about earlier. Alas, it will have to wait as today is Bethany’s first day at prairie Fire Theater camp. They will be performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Friday and Saturday.  First however, they need to have auditions on this bright and early Monday morning.