Back to blogging..

November 9, 2011|10:02 pm

OK once again it has been a long time since I last blogged. Life is, as it is for many people, BUSY! Who would have thought huh?

We had an awesome visit with Matt and Monica and their little ones. Nick and the boys have been hanging out here a lot.. we have been babysitting the boys a lot. All in all mostly fun stuff. Of course there is also co-op and our homeschool.. although that is mostly on the back burner and it is hunting time and on and on and on..

OH my how did I forget CURLING started for the season too!

Pat and I have stolen a few minutes here and there to process some changes we need to make. Little tweaks that should make life more simple. Some to our home and some to our homeschool. We are also anticipating our trip to Texas. Dave is deploying again and we want to visit before he leaves.

The girls have been taking a pottery class down at the community center and I’ll try and post some pictures soon. They are loving it.

More later!