New year New page New Word

January 1, 2012|3:37 pm

Today is January 1st. I haven’t visited this blog in several weeks. Months.

There are many reasons for that.. most to deep to get into here on what would be a semi public forum. Or at least it would be if anyone actually read this blog. LOL!

I thought I’d start out the new year with a challenge to myself to use this space as a list making, journaling, to-do and to-da! list. If I can post at least once a week and print at the end of the year I will have a very nice memento for 2012.

So to start: New Years Resolutions.. something I have never had much time for. Seems to me that they really are a waste of time and energy as most are not kept beyond the 30th of January. This year I am going to make an exception and make a few.

1)To enjoy my husband more. Don’t get me wrong. I adore my husband and the 31 plus years I have been married to him. But a friend in my homeschool community lost her husband two days before Christmas and it has made me really stop and look at my husband and how blessed I am to have him. He is a man who loves God, me and our children. And he shows it in everything he does. What more could a woman possibly ask for?

2) To enjoy my children more.

3) To come up with a word or words that I hope will be my inspiration for this year.

I’ll elaborate on 2 and 3 the next time I visit my little blog diary. In the mean time Happy New Year!