A planning list.

January 5, 2012|7:13 pm

In the interest of keeping tabs on what I am doing here is my to do list for tomorrow:

Student planning by child

KONOS planning and prep work. Re-watch week 1 videos from Homeschool Mentor.

Try and go through one dining room shelf and clean out. The bedroom shelves are done and most of the closet in our former homeschool room. This is the room we gave to Ben when he moved back in. He was really patient!

I guess I will be teaching a class for the spring session of our co-op. One of our newer members is pregnant and the class is a full one so she would rather assist than actually teach. I need to plan the 11 week session and the homework so I can have to buy lists and also supplies made by the first Monday in February. I want to give each child a synopsis of the class and expectations for various ages by week 1.

I had planned on getting much of this stuff done earlier in the week but being side lined by a nasty cold with all the aches and pains of a flu has seriously jeopardized my progress.

So has anyone ever…

|6:47 pm

set the same goal year after year after year? Or the newest version of the same goal? I love the idea of being more independent. Having the chickens and now our bull affectionately known as Dinner around here. He is going to be eaten so no real name for him.

A co-worker of Pat’s blessed us with three little pigs this fall.(fortunately no big BAD wolf followed him!) Two got to the big fat pig stage and are now residing in the freezers. One is still in the barn as he stayed skinny for a while after getting some kind of cold. He is now fattening up nicely and will go in the freezer as soon as there is room. Lovely to know that even though Pat is in his seasonal lay off early this year there is still food “down cellar in a tea cup” as PA Ingalls used to say.

Anyway back to my original question: I have always wanted a garden that produced enough veggies to get through the winter.How do people do that? For the last few years our garden has been a poor excuse for a weed patch despite the work Dané and the other children have been putting into it. I’d really like to have an awesome garden this year. I am just afraid that once again time and money will be poured down the drain on the endeavor. Anyone have any fantastic tips? resources? thoughts?