Weekly wrap .. a little late

January 15, 2012|11:49 am

I meant to spend time on Thursdays or Fridays doing a wrap up of our KONOS units but this week got away fast.

I had a Pampered Chef party yesterday and Dané had a spin in so it was busy prepping for those. Pat finished the ceiling and floor at her house and my is it gorgeous! She was happy to have the company so she could show off the house!.

So back to our KONOS week. We are studying Inquisitiveness and Resourcefulness!

This first week was very light as it was meant to ease us back in to the routine of school and especially for us the routine of a KONOS week. It went so well. I couldn’t read out loud because of the cold I am still fighting but the children took turns reading My Side of the Mountain out loud. We are over half way through the book and will follow that with the original unabridged Swiss Family  Robinson.

We watched the movie and I and some of the older children made so many comments on the differences in the book we decided it needed to be read aloud.

Watching Rube Goldberg machines on youtube video was the highlight of the week for most of the children. All in all the switch back to KONOS has been an unqualified success after week 1! Now to finish planning week 2!