Winter Formal

January 22, 2012|1:22 pm

Last night two of my children, Aimée and Jeffrey attended a winter formal dance in Mankato. It is held at the Verizon wireless center. I can remember when it was held at the  Kato Ballroom back in my day. It is an event that goes across the spectrum of schools. Public, private, Christian, homeschools, unschoolers all are welcome to attend as long as they fit the 10-12 grade category. They attended with a group of mostly homeschooled  -with- a –couple- of- public- schoolers thrown in for diversity bunch of friends.

I believe that Alex the beautiful instigated this group going to this particular event. Even if it was her the rest of the group jumped onto the idea quickly.

job's dance 015


While making plans for this event some of us mamas discovered that the day can get a bit spendy. Especially if you have more than one child at this age range. Fortunately for me Jeff fit into his dad’s suit and we actually found size 14 extra wide boats dress shoes in town. We are also blessed to have a Dané in our lives who runs her own business sewing . We actually went to the mall first to try and find a style of dress that Aim would be comfortable with but they all seemed to be missing large parts of the dress. if they had a top there was no bottom and if they had the long skirt there was no top. Aimée really wanted a dress that had a flowy skirt and sleeves. So off to the fabric store we went. Several hours of work later Aimée and Jeffrey looked like this:

job's dance 008

We all met at the home of Alex’s grandparents for a pre dance dinner served by the mamas.

job's dance 034

job's dance 033

job's dance 035

job's dance 037

job's dance 036

Note the gorgeous and formal dinner napkins otherwise known as bibs, that they are wearing. I had mental pictures of scrubbing applesauce or meat grease off of suits or a dress bodice before the dance and this was my solution. Some of the young ladies and gentlemen thought it was a great idea and the rest humored me!

While waiting for dinner there was a rousing sedate game of pinball. I don’t think they quite new what to do with all the fancy clothing they were wearing and the result was a very quiet group for the first part of the evening.

job's dance 013

job's dance 018

job's dance 020

job's dance 022

job's dance 021

job's dance 019

Kim and Chris took great care to make a beautiful wrist corsage or boutinniere for each member of the group.

job's dance 023



job's dance 024

We had fun setting the table nicely:

job's dance 011

An of course we had to take some fun group  and individual photos;

job's dance 041

job's dance 048

This was one of my favorite shots of the evening!

job's dance 043

But this runs a close second!

job's dance 029

I love brother and sister photos. here is one of our Aimée and Jeffrey

and below is Lucas and Brooklyn:

job's dance fixed

job's dance 056


job's dance 053