The Simple things in life..

March 30, 2012|8:56 am


Really, I love the farm and the animals and I am even looking forward to managing the garden this year. That’s a task I’ve delegated in the interest of maintaining my sanity for the last several years.

We are doing lots of reading and working towards a more sustainable way of life. Our desire is to have meat in the freezer and vegies and fruit on the shelves. To know where that food originated. We have been making yogurt by the gallon and buying less and less processed foods and more and more “doing it ourselves”. We put a couple of pigs in the freezer this year. We are raising a cute jersey bull calf, who is very appropriately, named Dinner . All the “SIMPLE” things in life that are supposed to enrich us and make for a better lifestyle for our family. HAH!

I have to say that whomever coined the term simple lifestyle ought to be hung out in the barn for awhile!

Let him or her watch as a shepherdess struggles to deal with the decision to continue to try and save a mama ewe and her lambs which we were pretty sure were gone. Watch as brother and sisters young enough that they aren’t even able to drive lend a hand in trying to pull a dead lamb from a mama ewe struggling to give birth after a tendon rupture that leaves her unable to force babies out. Watch as younger children come outside at hours past there bedtime to see if Maggie has birthed her lambs so they can check them out. Watch as the 20 year old who is not an animal lover, but, is a kind hearted young man who wants to be of service to his sister leaves to babysit an older brother’s children so he can come and  give a hand OR put down mama if that is the decision that is made. Hear that brother tell his sister , who never walks away from an animal she is raising, to leave because it may not be pretty even if he gets the lamb out as we know for sure it is dead by this  point. Watch as the fatal decision is made and executed.


And through all this.. I do watch my children. Try to comfort. Run phone conversations with a local vet who offers to make the 45 minute drive to put down the ewe. Take and make phone calls to the daddy man who is working a far away construction job and is sad he can’t be there for us.

And then I watch some more as I see siblings care for the shepherdess after the decision is made and carried out. How she is comforted with words and hugs from siblings. I think of a conversation with another mama. who blithely says “Oh you know boys that age can’t touch there moms in public” of her own son. And I am grateful that mine can not only hug me and their dad but willingly walk up and throw arms around a shepherdess who is grieving.

I watch and think SIMPLE LIFE??? HAH! BUT as the song goes I Saw God Today. And I did. I saw Him in the life and death of a well loved ewe and in the way my family reacts to each other. I saw Him not answer our prayers and supplications in the way we wanted BUT in the way He found best. I have gotten away from counting my blessings on the grattituesday posts but last night was a much needed reminder to go back to that and to count them everyday I have life left.

Simple life.. no not at all. But LIFE! yes it is and what a life he has blessed me with.


March 21, 2012|8:10 am

A decision has been made.

No trip to Cincinnati for us. While I was very excited about going to the big homeschool convention and taking the children to the Creation Museum other things take precedence over the trip this year. With my hubby just returning to work for the construction season it sounds like we will be travelling quite a bit to see him at his job sites. It appears most of the work for this year is a L-O-N-G way from home.

So what will we do instead? Well I am already registered for our state convention and will be attending that. Instead of the creation museum entrance fee we plan on buying a zoo membership. We haven’t had one for a couple of years so the children are looking forward to that.

I need to get busy and order a few things from homeschool publishers who will not be at our local convention so I can compare their products to ones I am interested in that will be at the convention. Anyone ever use any of Queens Homeschool Supplies? I am very interested in their nature Science programs.

Didn’t get many responses so I’ll ask again: Are you going to any homeschool conventions this year?

A new find..

March 19, 2012|9:28 pm

I have to share.. I have found a great new resource! A couple of weeks ago as I was blog hopping I happened upon a random button. It intrigued me so I went and looked. And here was an answer to my prayer.

I am currently teaching a Geography class for multi age children at my co-op. My desire is to have the children see the world as something they need to know in order to know how to reach out and share God’s love.

The class was actually looking like your typical.. where are the oceans?.. what countries are located on this continent? does the atmosphere affect us? .. how does…??? all good information but not the slant I wanted.

Enter the adventures of the Brinkman Family  a radio drama in several parts. I bought the first three episodes and then after talking to the family that created these shows and getting permission to use them in class… we were off! I expected to share 10 or maybe 15 minutes before the children got bored BUT no they loved them and listened quietly (my speakers on the laptop aren’t the greatest!) to the entire episode. Today we listened to the second one and I had to make them promise that if their parents bought the episodes that they would NOT listen to episode number three until next Monday!

Please take a minute to explore this new resource. I whole heartedly recommend them.

I was sort of waiting

March 16, 2012|7:24 am

to post again as I thought one of my at home computer specialists (read geek child) was going to SPRING my blog up. Since it is only the middle of March and we are forecast to be in the 80 degree range today I thought the lonely little snowman should go away! But times are flying by so I am going to go ahead and post and then make him a to do for mama list for today!


With the arrival of a very early spring here in MN we are waiting on the birth of some lambs ..planning a garden…. and getting ready for spring homeschool convention season.

My daughter gifted me with registration marked PAID to the local homeschool convention held here in MN. This year it is in the Twin Cities so it’s a very easy drive and is usually a great time of refreshment and incentive to carry on as a homeschool mama. I missed the last couple of conventions due to various more important things but am really needing to be refreshed and encouraged to carry on in this lifestyle we have chosen.

Fast forward a few weeks and now I have the opportunity to attend a second convention! The  Midwest Homeschool Convention is in April and is very reasonable. Of course gas money to get there will be a bit expensive with the prices getting close to $4 a gallon in the last few days but once we get there our intention is to camp. For the four or five nights we will stay out there the campsite is about the same as one night at a hotel. We are already planning on purchasing a new tent this year as we have two other trips where we need to have sleeping facilities for very little money and the younger boys have been begging to go camping as they have heard stories from when the older ones were little and camping was a regular part of our lives. My oldest children might even remember when family camping was the only kinds of trips we ever took. They so enjoyed trips to campgrounds here in MN and some even in Wisconsin!

We will also make it a point to stop at the Creation Museum while we are there. My nine year old has an unquenchable thirst for all things science and loves museums. We have looked forward to a trip to the Creation Museum since we first heard they were building it years ago.

Anyway I look forward to a fun spring and some real refreshment in our homeschool world. What do you do to keep yourself motivated to keep on keepin’ on?

Happy Sunday

March 11, 2012|1:29 pm

Gorgeous springtime weather!

Blankets and sheets billowing on the line. Children working on outside projects.

Very pregnant sheep in the field and garden catalogs all waiting to be read sitting on the table.

Spring.. God’s gift of a new season.