I was sort of waiting

March 16, 2012|7:24 am

to post again as I thought one of my at home computer specialists (read geek child) was going to SPRING my blog up. Since it is only the middle of March and we are forecast to be in the 80 degree range today I thought the lonely little snowman should go away! But times are flying by so I am going to go ahead and post and then make him a to do for mama list for today!


With the arrival of a very early spring here in MN we are waiting on the birth of some lambs ..planning a garden…. and getting ready for spring homeschool convention season.

My daughter gifted me with registration marked PAID to the local homeschool convention held here in MN. This year it is in the Twin Cities so it’s a very easy drive and is usually a great time of refreshment and incentive to carry on as a homeschool mama. I missed the last couple of conventions due to various more important things but am really needing to be refreshed and encouraged to carry on in this lifestyle we have chosen.

Fast forward a few weeks and now I have the opportunity to attend a second convention! The  Midwest Homeschool Convention is in April and is very reasonable. Of course gas money to get there will be a bit expensive with the prices getting close to $4 a gallon in the last few days but once we get there our intention is to camp. For the four or five nights we will stay out there the campsite is about the same as one night at a hotel. We are already planning on purchasing a new tent this year as we have two other trips where we need to have sleeping facilities for very little money and the younger boys have been begging to go camping as they have heard stories from when the older ones were little and camping was a regular part of our lives. My oldest children might even remember when family camping was the only kinds of trips we ever took. They so enjoyed trips to campgrounds here in MN and some even in Wisconsin!

We will also make it a point to stop at the Creation Museum while we are there. My nine year old has an unquenchable thirst for all things science and loves museums. We have looked forward to a trip to the Creation Museum since we first heard they were building it years ago.

Anyway I look forward to a fun spring and some real refreshment in our homeschool world. What do you do to keep yourself motivated to keep on keepin’ on?