A new find..

March 19, 2012|9:28 pm

I have to share.. I have found a great new resource! A couple of weeks ago as I was blog hopping I happened upon a random button. It intrigued me so I went and looked. And here was an answer to my prayer.

I am currently teaching a Geography class for multi age children at my co-op. My desire is to have the children see the world as something they need to know in order to know how to reach out and share God’s love.

The class was actually looking like your typical.. where are the oceans?.. what countries are located on this continent?..how does the atmosphere affect us? .. how does…??? all good information but not the slant I wanted.

Enter the adventures of the Brinkman Family  a radio drama in several parts. I bought the first three episodes and then after talking to the family that created these shows and getting permission to use them in class… we were off! I expected to share 10 or maybe 15 minutes before the children got bored BUT no they loved them and listened quietly (my speakers on the laptop aren’t the greatest!) to the entire episode. Today we listened to the second one and I had to make them promise that if their parents bought the episodes that they would NOT listen to episode number three until next Monday!

Please take a minute to explore this new resource. I whole heartedly recommend them.