March 21, 2012|8:10 am

A decision has been made.

No trip to Cincinnati for us. While I was very excited about going to the big homeschool convention and taking the children to the Creation Museum other things take precedence over the trip this year. With my hubby just returning to work for the construction season it sounds like we will be travelling quite a bit to see him at his job sites. It appears most of the work for this year is a L-O-N-G way from home.

So what will we do instead? Well I am already registered for our state convention and will be attending that. Instead of the creation museum entrance fee we plan on buying a zoo membership. We haven’t had one for a couple of years so the children are looking forward to that.

I need to get busy and order a few things from homeschool publishers who will not be at our local convention so I can compare their products to ones I am interested in that will be at the convention. Anyone ever use any of Queens Homeschool Supplies? I am very interested in their nature Science programs.

Didn’t get many responses so I’ll ask again: Are you going to any homeschool conventions this year?