The Simple things in life..

March 30, 2012|8:56 am


Really, I love the farm and the animals and I am even looking forward to managing the garden this year. That’s a task I’ve delegated in the interest of maintaining my sanity for the last several years.

We are doing lots of reading and working towards a more sustainable way of life. Our desire is to have meat in the freezer and vegies and fruit on the shelves. To know where that food originated. We have been making yogurt by the gallon and buying less and less processed foods and more and more “doing it ourselves”. We put a couple of pigs in the freezer this year. We are raising a cute jersey bull calf, who is very appropriately, named Dinner . All the “SIMPLE” things in life that are supposed to enrich us and make for a better lifestyle for our family. HAH!

I have to say that whomever coined the term simple lifestyle ought to be hung out in the barn for awhile!

Let him or her watch as a shepherdess struggles to deal with the decision to continue to try and save a mama ewe and her lambs which we were pretty sure were gone. Watch as brother and sisters young enough that they aren’t even able to drive lend a hand in trying to pull a dead lamb from a mama ewe struggling to give birth after a tendon rupture that leaves her unable to force babies out. Watch as younger children come outside at hours past there bedtime to see if Maggie has birthed her lambs so they can check them out. Watch as the 20 year old who is not an animal lover, but, is a kind hearted young man who wants to be of service to his sister leaves to babysit an older brother’s children so he can come and  give a hand OR put down mama if that is the decision that is made. Hear that brother tell his sister , who never walks away from an animal she is raising, to leave because it may not be pretty even if he gets the lamb out as we know for sure it is dead by this  point. Watch as the fatal decision is made and executed.


And through all this.. I do watch my children. Try to comfort. Run phone conversations with a local vet who offers to make the 45 minute drive to put down the ewe. Take and make phone calls to the daddy man who is working a far away construction job and is sad he can’t be there for us.

And then I watch some more as I see siblings care for the shepherdess after the decision is made and carried out. How she is comforted with words and hugs from siblings. I think of a conversation with another mama. who blithely says “Oh you know boys that age can’t touch there moms in public” of her own son. And I am grateful that mine can not only hug me and their dad but willingly walk up and throw arms around a shepherdess who is grieving.

I watch and think SIMPLE LIFE??? HAH! BUT as the song goes I Saw God Today. And I did. I saw Him in the life and death of a well loved ewe and in the way my family reacts to each other. I saw Him not answer our prayers and supplications in the way we wanted BUT in the way He found best. I have gotten away from counting my blessings on the grattituesday posts but last night was a much needed reminder to go back to that and to count them everyday I have life left.

Simple life.. no not at all. But LIFE! yes it is and what a life he has blessed me with.