Camping trip

May 31, 2012|12:15 am

Next week we are headed out on a camping trip. it has been awhile since we have done any camping. The boys are really looking forward to it. Me? I think I am. Our original plans were to go up north towards Beaver Bay, MN where we have friends. It sounds like they will be quite busy so we are rethinking the plans. Tonight we looked at the local county park. Bray park is inexpensive and very close to home. All good money saving things. But the real reason I like the new plan? I don’t have to remember EVERYTHING! If I forget something either I make a quick trip home or someone brings the item out.

This gives me a bit of leeway as we get back into the camping way of life. I have a feeling that it may take me a bit longer to remember all the fun extras and the necessities that make a camping trip fun. Anyone have any great tips to help me plan this trip?


May 30, 2012|8:41 am


I heard a statement from a couple of different homeschoolers recently….and I took it to heart and it has really been a source of frustration. The person said.. if you don’t know what your doing after a couple of years of homeschooling you never will.

I have been thinking and praying about this statement and God has shown me a few things..

Well I do know I am homeschooling.. and I do know I am called to do so.. but every year it looks somewhat different. Am I doing something wrong? NO!

Every year our homeschool is different.. we add a child or have one graduate.. every child is different.. one struggles  with differing abilities in reading and writing while one teaches him or herself because you never quite get to it at the end of the day of struggling with, and alongside, the children who work at it for a lengthy time.

Is it wrong to continuously look at new material or new styles of learning? Not if it is what God wants of you! If you are seeking His will and listening to His voice how can it be wrong?

Every curriculum can work IF the mama makes it work with a committed effort.. but will it work as well as something different? Will it work if God has made that child a wide mark off the * “normal” path? Not if God is using the struggles and strengths of that child to grow him and /  or you ! Trust God ! Trust yourself to know your child. Keep seeking answers through prayer and research. And in the interim.. just remember to enjoy your children and this path in life!


*normal.. a term I use reluctantly here as people understand what I am driving at. Normal is really a setting on a dryer and should really not be used in connection with people!

An ordinary day Tuesday May 29th

May 29, 2012|10:39 pm

Outside my window… it is dark and blessedly cool. The animals are quiet and the stars are staring to spark through the clouds.

I am thinking That I am happy to have found a couple of minutes for the blog..

I am thankful for… the time Pat got to spend at home this weekend. I am so thankful he found time to fix my car. He works so hard and then comes home to more lists. I am trying hard NOT to have too many honey do lists for the short time he is here. Having adult boys and almost adult boys who are handy with mechanics and carpentry really help here.

From the learning rooms… it is education time for me the mama. I am working on some CM studies and praying about changes I may make to our homeschool and what will continue as is.

From the kitchen… I hear the dishwasher. what a wonderful machine!

I am creating… not much lately ! I did start a scrapbook page for my bible scrapbook..

I am going… camping with the boys next week!

I am reading… a book I have already read.. just to have some no pressure time.

I am hoping… to find a special gift for the hubby. Our 32cd anniversary is just a few weeks away!.

I am hearing… the dishwasher.. the washer and music from the girls’ room..

Around the house… we are NOT thinking about the fact that we had a wonderful Memorial weekend with very little cleaning time. That is tomorrow’s worry!.

One of my favorite things… is curling up under a warm blanket on cool nights. That is where I am headed in a few minutes.

A few plans for the rest of the week include… finishing up my CM seminar and spending extended time with God regarding the upcoming school year.